Non-Happening After Ad Reinhardt

Designed at Freelance by Wayne Daly.

Artist: Pierre Leguillon

Print Cultural

Non-Happening After Ad Reinhardt is a series of performative lectures by French artist Pierre Leguillon. In these lectures, Leguillon projects 350 historical slides that were used in performance lectures by New York abstract painter Ad Reinhardt – a rapid succession of details of art, decorative art and architecture, photographed during his many travels abroad.

Leguillon commissioned a poster series, with the idea that an initial run of generic base posters, consisting only of an image, the performance title and artist’s name, would be subsequently overprinted with specific details of dates, locations, times and special guests – an economical method often used for circus and theatre posters. So far, three sets have been produced for performances at various galleries in Europe and the US.

In addition to the poster series, a ‘screen’ was designed on which to project the slides, produced from a single sheet of cut adhesive vinyl. Each performance starts off with the black sheet on a wall, with the title visible, after which the artist removes the inner area, with only a thin black frame remaining for the projections.

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