Oroson User Experience

Designed at Big Motive by Damian Cranney, Stephen Shaw, and Andrew McHugh.

Senior Designer: Jonny Hoy

Interactive Commercial

We designed a mobile-first digital platform for Oroson – an innovative startup aiming to disrupt education by providing dynamic reading lists to students everywhere. Oroson’s algorithm analyses lecturer’s teaching materials, extracts references, compiles lists and helps students find their book in University libraries or online bookstores.

We designed and built a new responsive website that enables user acquisition through an integrated product demo. This progressed to a comprehensive user experience design exercise for the core Oroson platform. We dealt with a number of challenges inherent in the UX – including the need to create a useful and compelling experience for two very different types of user, lecturers and students.

User needs analysis for lecturers demonstrated a requirement for complex, multi-element list management, and also a simple but powerful means of interacting with the ‘Parse’ algorithm. Students, on the other hand, wanted the simplest possible way to find and prioritise their reading materials, on their phones.

The result is a truly flexible user experience and interface design, which is highly usable and appeals to both user groups. Following this, we built out the front end and continue to work in partnership with Oroson as the product rolls out to University customers.

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