OSI – Identity System

Designed at Red&Grey by Bob Gray, Keith McGuinness, and Cassie Wright.

Photography: Matthew Thompson

Typography: Bobby Tannam

Web development : Loughlin McSweeney

Identity Civic

OSI invest in cutting edge ideas that can be formed into the next generation of world-changing organisations. Their goal is to address the world’s leading challenges by bringing financial and human capital that enables Oxford University’s world-class science to go to market, and thrive.

The identity system for OSI was formed around controlled experiments and an aperture that can be adjusted to show the vastness and details of the world through various lenses. A custom made typeface was designed to reflect the scientific edge of Oxford’s science elite. The typeface along with a series of dawn and dusk photographs as well as founder portraits give balance to the identity system. The completed visual language is an adaptable system that can be used across multiple platforms and contexts.

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