Pippa Collection Planner

Designed at Midnight by Cillian Griffith.

Creative Director: Cillian Griffith

Graphic Designer: Yuen Leung

Print Commercial

A Christmas top seller from an Irish style icon.

We were asked to create a range of Planners for Pippa O’Connor Ormond, as part of the Pippa Collection. Pippa is an Irish style icon and successful businesswoman, so it needed to be something special. The range needed to not only serve as a planner, but also be something customers would love to carry with them because of its style and creativity, and be a product that would take pride of place in their handbag, desk or classroom.

A set of four unique planners were created with specially designed patterns to adorn pages and covers. Each planner has its own title, which has been foiled along with “P” Pippa’s symbol on the cover. The planner has 256 specially designed and undated pages. The patterns were created and inspired by the current fashion trend used by major global fashion houses like Gucci and D&G. Monthly quotes and tips with a selection of patterns run through each planner to keep each month different and unique.

The planners have been a huge commercial success and have been sold online, through Eason book stores and in Dundrum Town Centre.

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