Pota Cúig Vodka

The natural surroundings of West Cork provide an idyllic setting for distilling a vodka as pure as Pota Cúig. This artisan vodka is pot distilled five times and charcoal filtered for a smoother taste. West Cork Distillery source the wheat used to make this fantastic vodka from fields close to the distillery, providing a pure taste of West Cork in every glass.

Lidl wanted us to create a design that reflected the unique aspects of this craft vodka. With this in mind, we created a modern eye-catching brand and design that focused on the primary wheat ingredient. Having this at the core of the design as well as being visible through the branding, heroes the unique aspect of this craft vodka. The use of a clear label highlights the purity of the spirit while the silver ink and varnished elements portray the right cues and give it a sense of premium craft.

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