Practice and Power

Practice and Power was the major dissemination event of the four year Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP). The Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (2014 – 2018) was an ambitious transnational cultural programme, funded by Creative Europe, which focused on the dynamic area of collaborative arts.

Artists across the world are engaging with diverse constituencies to develop projects that seek to influence and expand the possibilities for greater participation and agency across artistic, cultural and socio–political spheres. Practice and Power considers this paradigm shift towards collaborative processes and methodologies within the arts”.

In Dublin over three days in June 2018 the major project stake holders from Europe along with nearly 200 attendees from both national and international arts and culture sectors took part in the Practice and Power event. The studio was commissioned by Create to design the events identity and associated printed media. Our work for the project was informed by numerous conversations we had with the project team. Initially it was proposed that our work would be an effort to graphically map the connections and engagement over a four year period of the various galleries and cultural institutions that collaborated on the project. Running alongside this was the want of the commissioner to create a bold and striking identity for the event that expressed the energy of all involved.

In researching ways to develop an appropriate mapping solution and in turn express this simple idea, we spent a great deal of time looking at the work of Nikola Tesla and in particular the Tesla Coil and the remarkable pattern forms of electricity created from this instrument. Tesla has been described as an artist whose medium was electricity. For the commissioner exploring a graphic approach based on the combination of these two visual ideas was entirely apt. Ultimately the decision was made to treat the map as an abstract representation of the stakeholders interactions and in doing so speak to the nature of the projects subject matter, art.

A1 Poster and A5 32pp booklet printed 3/1 using process black and 3 spot pantones on 100gsm challenger offset

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