Designed at Atomic by Stephen Kiernan, Eamonn Hall, and Andrew Duffy.

Photographer: Michal Dzikowski

Copywriter: Niall Murphy

Identity Commercial

Quest is a series of adventure races held around Ireland where competitors run, cycle and kayak through some of the most scenic environments in the country. The routes are designed to be physically challenging, while incorporating the breathtaking splendour of Ireland's landscapes.

Atomic was tasked with moving the Quest brand from the crowded category of novelty fun-runs, to a position of its own: a premium experience for competitors in search of a unique outdoor adventure.

The completed brand design features a new refined logomark, inspired by the mountain summit, and utilises striking duotone images showing the epic terrain of the race routes and the competitors enduring the tough physical challenge. A modern sans serif font was also used to complement the brand's understated tone of voice.

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