Quinnipiac: The Lahey Years

Designed at Pentagram by Kenneth Deegan and Jack Collins.

Partner In Charge/Designer: Eddie Opara

Associate Partner/Designer: Brankica Harvey

Designer: Pedro Mendes

Design Intern: Xingwei Huang

Print Cultural

Quinnipiac: The Lahey Years charts the impressive legacy of Quinnipiac University president John Lahey. The book is a chronological telling of Lahey’s vast contribution to the university over his 30 years as president. Lahey’s strategic planning saw the institution undergo a complete transformation – vastly growing enrollment, endowment, the physical campus and establishing the nationally recognized Quinnipiac Poll and Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum (the world’s largest collection of art and artifacts related to the Great Famine.)

The design of the book enhances this narrative through the use of expressive typography, imagery and information graphics. Throughout each of the books three sections, varying content types allow readers to interrogate the narrative at different levels. Excerpted imagery and annotation support the textual content while full page infographics visualize Lahey’s varied achievements (in colors inspired by the campus landscape and recent University rebrand.) Each section concludes with a gallery of large scale imagery from across the years of Lahey’s presidency. The exterior of the paper wrapped, case bound book uses a deep green and copper foil, a subtle reference to Lahey’s Irish heritage.

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