Reflecting 1916

2016 Selection

Designed at Studio Suss by Ruza Leko.

Photography: Photographs © The National Library of Ireland / The National Photographic Archive; The National Museum of Ireland, RTÉ Archives, Anti Slavery International, Irish Capuchin Provincial Archives, Dublin City Library and Archives, East Wall History Group, Kilmainham Gaol, The Irish Military Archive, The John Osman Collection, The Pearse Museum, The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, The Jane W. Shackleton Collection, South Dublin Libraries, UCD Archives / UCD Digital Library, Trinity College Digital Archive and the Photo Album of Ireland/Gallery of Photography. Curated by Gallery of Photography.

Cultural Publication

‘Reflecting 1916’ investigates the photographic legacy of the Easter Rising. It features photographs taken by eyewitnesses to this pivotal period in Ireland’s history. With essays by Luke Gibbons, Orla Fitzpatrick, Brenda Malone, Angus Mitchell and Justin Carville, ‘Reflecting 1916’ is an important contribution to critical debates on photography, memory and identity in Ireland. The publication was produced to accompany the Gallery of Photography’s Reflecting 1916 exhibition which examined the background of events of the Easter Rising and it’s aftermath from a photographic perspective. The publication included essays by leading photography writers and archivists were accompanied by selected photographs which supported the texts.

For the design of the cover different views had to be taken into consideration. The selection of choosing a single image to represent this pivotal historical event was therefore an exciting a challenge. As this project was a collaborative effort involving many organisations, we designed a cover that conveys the research into the background to this event, while at the same time representing a contemporary gallery vision and approach.

Reflecting 1916 was supported by Dublin City Council. Organised in collaboration with RTÉ Reflecting the Rising in Partnership with Ireland 2016.

Gallery of Photography is funded by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council.

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