Saba Print & Signage

Designed at Slater Design by Kathryn Wilson.

Designer: Kelan Ó Nualláin

Project Manager: Stephanie Dooley

Identity Commercial

Saba already had a strong brand when they approached us however some of their communications needed a refresh and they needed to communicate the various offers available throughout the week.

Initially, we worked on identifying which elements of the brand were strong and recognisable. Having done so we were able to retain those elements and work on creating a refreshed design style which could be used across all of the pieces we would subsequently be working on.

It was important that the work we did went further than simply making everything look better – signage, menus, print collateral and the website needed to work harder to explain all the great things going on at Saba’s eateries. Following this initial project we’ve been working with Saba on their seasonal campaigns and with Saba to Go on similar projects.

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