Designed at by George Beattie.

Web Development: James Delaney


Sean Jackson is a photographer and art director based in Dublin. He collaborates with design agencies, advertising agencies, fashion brands, stylists and artists both locally and internationally. His photography work has featured in many publications and galleries, some notable examples being The New York Times, Dazed, i-D Vice, The Guardian, Thread Magazine, The Gallery of Photography Ireland, Huis Marseille and the RHA Gallery.

This project is a portfolio website and visual showcase of the work of Sean Jackson. We created a simple, image-driven website which houses a breadth of portrait, landscape and documentary photography. The website focuses on positioning photography at the forefront and acts like a carefully curated gallery space with minor typographic detailing. Simple interactions guide the user through the website with a hide/reveal bold typographic menu as the main form of navigation. The introduction of film is subtle as you move through the project slides. Selecting a video project prompts a red dot to blink in the corner of the screen.

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