Showcase 2016

2015 Selection

Designed at Aad by Scott Burnett, Brian Heffernan, and Stacie Heffernan.

Visual Director: Marion Cody

Photography (Products): Sarah Doyle

Styling (Products): Ciara O'Donovan

Styling (Environments): Orla Keane

Photography (Environments): Aisling McCoy

Commercial Promotional

Having established an overall approach in 2015, working on Showcase this year allowed us to develop our story and create more impact. While 2014 was about differentiating Irish design and craft through it’s strong relationship with nature, this year we built on the growing confidence of the sector. We built on the strong photography of 2014 with bolder colours while reducing the main images to much simpler and refined compositions.

We also carried this strong approach it colour and more refined use of nature through to the design of the edit areas. This created more impact by creating a striking backdrop for product while also standing out from exhibitors stands.

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