Sound + Vision Exhibition

Designed at Image Now by Éanna OShea and Jennifer OBrien.

Project Manager: Shane Tierney

Project Manager: Aisling Donohoe

Promotion and Sales: Hen's Teeth

Print and Framing: Hang Tough

Photography: Siobhan O'Riordan

Sponsor: Hennessy Ireland


To celebrate the third year of Dublin Bowie Festival, Image Now curated and hosted a typographic poster exhibition that explored the work of David Bowie. The show featured 25 posters—one for every studio album released by the icon during his five-decade-long career—by 25 creatives from Dublin and London

The creatives involved were asked to contribute an original typographic piece that represented the retrospective of David Bowie's legacy, considering the era and political movements from the albums inception, as well as his own personal movement across musical genres and his reimagining of self, creation of characters and multiple personas.

The exhibition ran in conjunction with the scheduled events for Dublin Bowie Festival with nearly €2,300 being donated to The Irish Cancer Society.

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