Takamasa Ota Identity (2015)

Takamasa Ota is a New York based still life photographer specialising in Food, Alcohol and Products, his clientele include Pepsi, KFC, Licor 43, Quirky and Gourmet Magazine. In his early career Takamasa immersed himself in black-and-white photography, he remembers the experience "seeing the world though a positive and negative lens, a way we don’t normally see in daily life."

The task was to create a warm, contemporary identity that evokes Taka’s passion of the positive and negative without overpowering his portfolio of work in colour. The use of a monochrome palette and bold androgynous font complimented this approach. Taka's initials lend themselves aptly to the graphic representation of the view finder and crosshair. The 'T' and the 'O' becoming a simple icon used for stamping and watermarking.

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