Tennent's Whisky Oak Aged Beer

Designed at Dynamo by Dynamo - MD Jamie Helly.

Designer: Derek McGrath

Marketing Development Manager, Magners International: Jens Gloeckner

Packaging Commercial

We were assigned the wonderful task of designing a premium Tennent's Whisky Oak Aged Beer for the mature global beer market. Commercially, the objectives were to take advantage of the burgeoning interest in Scottish whisky globally, as well as the growth in the high value 'Cask Matured" & Premium Craft Beer market. The design challenge was to ensure the design empathised with cultural preferences within the global beverage market, while also capturing craft beer lovers all over the world.

A unique brand identity was needed in order to do justice to Tennent's exceptional provenance, quality and rich Scottish heritage. We brought this to life through designing a bespoke bottle with an emboss, to really visually highlight the craft of the brand. The bottle shape was intentionally created with broad bottle shoulders and a sturdy base to impart a masculine energy along with a sense of confidence.

To further bring the design to life in print and to bring a tactile element to the consumer experience of the brand, we used a matt varnish, foils and a tactile lacquer finish on the label.

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