Thai Buddhist Tales

Designed at New Graphic by David Garavin and Declan Behan.

Print & Installation: Alphaset

Environmental Cultural

The Chester Beatty preserves an internationally important yet little known collection of Buddhist manuscripts from Thailand. Unfolding a selection of these books, this exhibition provides a rare opportunity to explore the Buddhist tales depicted within.

Presented as colourful illustrations alongside sacred texts, some of the most popular stories found within Thai Buddhist manuscripts are the birth tales of the Buddha and the legend of the monk Phra Malai. From moral tales to noble quests, these pictures from the path to enlightenment offer an enchanting introduction to Thailand’s rich Buddhist heritage and its most cherished stories.

The graphics for the exhibition are taken from key scenes in the Buddha’s path to enlightenment with various patterns found throughout the manuscripts used as borders on the text panels. The colours used throughout the exhibition are inspired by traditional Thai textiles.

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