The Abhaile Project

Designed at by Graham Thew.

Junior designer: Claire Prouvost

Website : Martyna Lebryk, thejuicypixel

Environmental Commercial

The Abhaile Project is an innovative new scheme for older homeowners to physically reconfigure their family-sized homes, creating a new rental unit within the house. The branding needed to be positive, clear & trustworthy and appeal to both an older generation and their middle aged children interested in investigating this new service.

Inspired by origami, the logo reflects the malleable nature of reconfiguring an existing space. The colour palette is bright and reflects all of the positive benefits that The Abhaile Project can bring - security, less isolation, intergenerational living and the benefits of long term community development.

The branding package included an additional wireframe version of the logo for single colour use. This version references the architectural nature of the logo but still retains the key form of the original. With the addition of a colour palette, these assets ensure a flexible branding solution that can exist across a wide spectrum of media reflecting the adaptive nature of Abhaile Project itself.

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