The Casement Project

Designed at Pixel Design by Karen Hanratty and David OMahony.

Photography: Matthew Thompson, Pari Naderi, Ste Murray, Michael Kelly

Interactive Cultural

The Casement Project, produced by choreographer Fearghus Ó Conchúir in association with Project Arts Centre, is part of ART:2016, the Arts Council’s programme as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme. The project aimed to imagine a national body that welcomes the stranger, using the queer body of Casement and his rich and complicated legacy to address today’s questions of belonging and becoming.

The main challenge when designing the website was that as the project had not yet taken place. A website had to be designed that would evolve as the project unfolded, without any structural or changes being made to the website.

The website design had to be flexible to allow for information and announcements about each strand of the project be communicated easily, and the consistency of the design also needed to work across mobile, tablet and desktop.

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