The Father

2016 Selection

Designed at Atelier David Smith by Oran Day.

Photography: Peter Rowen

Cultural Promotional

As per all Gate Theatre posters, the brief was to produce a distinctive image that touches upon the principal themes and/or characters in the play (The Father by Florian Zeller). Consistent with the Gate Theatre’s visual house style there is a preference for portraiture — particularly with eponymously titled works.

The play deals with the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease upon the principal character, the elderly Andre and his immediate family. Andre’s slow retreat from reality is suggested by the expertly taken portrait of Owen Roe — who is photographed by Peter Rowen behind textured glass; creating a barrier/veil between him and us. The typography is suitably minimal/austere so as not to detract from (or unnecessarily add to) this simple and provocative image.

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