The 'M' Word

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NCAD Designer in Residence: Conor Foran

Cultural Editorial

Lazy, demanding, entitled and selfish are all terms that other generations attach to people born between 1980 to the late 1990s: the Millennials.

*I hate the term Millennial.*

Those are the years that many if not all of our peers were born in and yet we have never been more inspired and encouraged to make difference in this world than by our peers. You see this generation, our generation wants to make a difference and have seen a surge in activism through the internet and social media, yet many describe us as a generation who don’t care.

We hate the term Millennial because it no longer defines an age group but stigmatises the actions of the age group. Our age group. Everything we do is scrutinised. Yet, every generation has had their fair share of mistakes, the only difference with our generation is that any mistakes that we make are broadcasted over very accessible media platforms. It is impossible to escape from our mistakes but we can learn from them and we are learning from them. We have been taught to be problem solvers; to look at challenges and find a better solution to the norm. We will be the ones to fix the problems that the people before us have created.

This publication was envisaged, designed and published by a group of final year students from the Department of Communication Design at the National College of Art & Design. They work intended to engage the national and international design community to topics of importance to the soon-to-be junior designers of the creative industries.

Commissioned by Repository 101, the publishing wing of the

Department of Communication Design, NCAD, Dublin.

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