The Whistler Single Malt Range

Drawing on our natural affinity for premium spirits, we created a brand identity and packaging design that but The Whistler Single Malt Whiskey alternative well and truly in the mids of consumers.

With rapidly growing connoisseurship of Irish Whiskeys both domestically and abroad, The Whistler brand needed to attract a growing, diverse audience for something different and special.

Once we sat with the Boann Distillery and saw the passion and drive they had for their new Single Malt, it was obvious to us that we need to communicate this love and character through the brand also. Named with affection after their father, a keen whistler, we saw the personal family touch that we could bring to the brand making the labels unique to them. Inspired by the art of music and whiskey making, we combined them to develop a brand and series of labels that distilled craft and expertise while being very own able to them.

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