Ulster Festival of Art & Design

Designed at by Pauline Clancy and Richard McElveen.

Where Ideas Grow : Seed

Identity Cultural

Ulster University Festival of Art and Design provides a space within which different perspectives and different intellectual and artistic trajectories meet, generate new ideas and new ways of engaging with the world. This shared enquiry and exchange of work by artists, designers, writers and researchers combined with the real contribution and challenge of artistic and cultural practice is tested by other research communities and by wider publics.

UUFAD 2016 was programmed to meet this ambition, to promote dialogue and facilitate exchange across the interconnected themes – gender justice, place and identity. The eighth edition worked in partnership with staff and students from across the University to create a multidisciplinary festival of installations, publications, talks, screenings and exhibitions. The programme hosted artists, designers and cultural practitioners in Belfast, Ballycastle, Coleraine and Derry / Londonderry.

Working closely with the festival organisers, Seed were commissioned to create a number of touchpoints including the Identity/Invites/Programme/Website/Tees/Totes.

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