X-Force Command, Cyber Tactical Operations Center

Designed at IBM Studios Dublin by Rebecca Love.

Truck Wrap Printer: DMC Graphics

Design Advisor: Mike Abbink

Design Production Director: Andrea Phelps

Key Advisor & Photo Credit: Amy Gelpey

Tent Printer: Larsens Inc

Key Advisor : Allison Ritter

Drone Photography: Nat Prakongpan

Executive Owner & Advisor: Caleb Barlow

Sponsoring Team: X-Force Command

Design Director: Haidy Francis

Designer: Peter Garvin

Production and Operations Management: Brewco

Trailer Manufacturer: Featherlite Trailers

Photographer: Nathan Cook

Photographer: Nathan Morgan

Videographer: Revolution Pictures

Photo & Video Producer: Michael Rowinski

Photo & Video Producer: Weber Shandwick

Corporate Identity

The IBM X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center (C-TOC) is a training, simulation and security operations center on wheels. It shows clients and their teams what it feels like to experience an attack in an intense, gamified scenario led by an elite squad of cyber first responders. With the overwhelming success of the X-Force Command Cyber Range in the USA, there was a need for a similar center in Europe. Instead of having one location, the solution was one that could travel across multiple countries.


Our challenge was to represent the C-TOC in a way that fitted this first-of-a-kind experience. The colour gradient, or aurora, indicates the protective force of security. Acting as an invisible assistant, adaptive and aware of our user's needs, it pushes away threats while allowing the free passage of data.


The 'X' graphic represents the strength and confidence of X-Force Command. It is comprised of two arrows, one in front of the other, indicating the many dimensions of the brand. The mirror effect also references the way we hold up a mirror to our client's security posture. Always pointing forward, the X embodies motion and innovation. The mark is reflective, glowing and moving in the dark – a metaphor for the presence of IBM Security. 


The scalability of the design was tantamount, needing to work everywhere from screens and uniforms to a truck over forty feet long. The user experience also had to be consistent throughout the interior, way finding, digital, environmental and print materials. 

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