Beyond the Pale

The purpose of 100 Archive is to discuss contemporary visual communication from the Irish design community and to present it in all its varied forms: its ever-widening variety of outputs, its diverse client contexts and its origins all over Ireland and in studios all over the world. But in reality, even at the best of times we can be pretty Dublin-centric… With this in mind we bring you Beyond the Pale, a series of interviews with designers and studios based in a variety of locations around Ireland. 

Of course there is a significant number of studios and practitioners in the capital city, but design doesn’t just happen in Dublin and we’re keen to hear from those setting up shop in Ireland’s other villages, towns and cities. While we could never tell the story of Irish design without considering the work made in the capital, it is a real mark of a growing design culture in Ireland that designers can work from and in other places in the country, collaborate with local government, businesses and arts organisations and contribute to commercial and creative life in locations from Limerick to Belfast, the wild west to the sunny south east, the midlands and more.

We hope the series begins to get under the skin of design scenes around the country and reveal the creative individuals, studios and communities powering them. Sure, a design sector can thrive in a capital city: it’s when the local neighbourhood studio has a steady stream of work that you know clients and consumers understand the value of design. We often refer to the work of 100 Archive as ‘mapping the landscape’ of Irish design. When we see these further flung parts of the landscape appear in the snapshot, it makes for a pretty picture indeed.

Beyond the Pale 7th September 2018

Liveable Limerick
Conor Buckley

‘The idea of setting up a studio began in Dublin 5 years ago, however we moved to Limerick to realise the plan. Limerick is an affordable place to be, so in the early days we could take more risks, take on the kind of work we wanted to do and turn …

Beyond the Pale 27th August 2018

Beyond the Border
Alex Synge

‘What made me decide to set up shop in Belfast? Love! My wife is from Antrim. We met in college in Dublin, but only started going out a decade later. We did the long distance thing for a few years, but after a while, it felt like a logical next step …

Beyond the Pale 20th August 2018

It's Always Sunny...
Brian Byrne

‘When I graduated from Waterford IT in 1999 I wanted to travel. Like so many others, I went to South East Asia and on to Australia. I picked up my first ‘design’ job in Sydney. The newspaper ad stated that a ‘City Centre Agency&rsquo…

Beyond the Pale 10th August 2018

Free Range at Design Farm
Maria ORourke

‘I feel strongly that workplaces need to offer more flexibility; working to the beat of the 9-to-5 clock isn’t always conducive to being creative. We need to be more imaginative and allow people to work where they are most productive, be that …

Beyond the Pale 1st August 2018

Loving Laois
Gillian Reidy

Though she was born and trained in Dublin, when Gill Reidy fell for a farmer, she moved to Laois in 1999, and now runs her studio, Penhouse, from a set of converted stone farm buildings near Stradbally. While working …

Beyond the Pale 25th July 2018

Graphics in Galway
Niall Warde

Niall Warde is a freelance designer who is from Galway, living in Galway and quick to tell you what’s what in Galway. ‘We have the arts festival every year, the Film Fleadh, the Jazz Festival and almost every kind of festival or event imaginable…

Beyond the Pale 23rd July 2018

Designing in Donegal
Daniel ODonoghue

‘When initially considering a complete relocation from the metropolis that is London to the north west of Ireland we had many reservations: will we be out of sight and out of mind? Will our London clients come with us? Are we too far away from Dublin…

Beyond the Pale 20th July 2018

Way Out West
Cillian Ó Mongáin

‘When I moved here first I worked with a 56kb dial-up modem. I used to burn my work to CDs and give them to the CIE bus driver who would give it to a courier in Dublin. But it worked!’ Cillian Ó Mong&…

Beyond the Pale 18th July 2018

The Bammedia Balance
Bridget Kerrigan

‘I’m a Galway native, but studied design in Letterkenny, Donegal. My career started working in a printing firm in Galway and from there I moved to Dublin where I worked in many printers, publishing houses and design studios before moving to …

Beyond the Pale 16th July 2018

Hurrah Hurrah for Cork
Robin Foley

Our new Beyond the Pale series aims to shed light on design practice outside Dublin and get under the skin of the many design communities we have around Ireland. First up is a chat with Hurrah Hurrah, a …

Modern Practice

One of the key reasons for starting 100 Archive is to help map the ever diversifying practice of graphic design. 20 years ago graphic designers seem to have been cut from a fairly similar cloth, the reality today is very different. While clients still view us as interchangeable professionals (which I think we do too quite often) this isn't the case. Design is universal, but the way we practice it as professionals isn't. We have different motivations, contexts, values, ambitions and areas of focus. Different scales, objectives, budgets, timelines and personal tastes.

As 2015 is the year of Irish design we wanted to undertake a survey of sorts. To get a better sense of the ways we work, the roles we play and the impact we make. We've asked a wide range of designers/studios to answer a set of questions that will hopefully shine some light on the commonalities and contradictions of being a graphic designer at the start of the 21st century.

Modern Practice 2nd March 2016

Modern Practice: Kasia Ozmin
Kasia Ozmin

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? If I had to tweet the answer I’d say: “Worked really hard, always asked questions and desperately tried to keep the standards high.” But since you…

Modern Practice 23rd February 2016

Modern Practice: Seán Mongey
Seán Mongey

What’s your background? How did you get to where you are? When I was in school I thought I wanted to be an animator, then did a transition year placement in a graphic design agency and wasn’t into it. So I applied to …

Modern Practice 2nd February 2016

Modern Practice: WeMakeDesign
Nik Dillon

What’s your background? How did you get to where you are? We both graduated from National College of Art & Design with a Visual Communications degree, way back when. We’ve about 20 years experience each, working here …

Modern Practice 13th November 2015

Modern Practice: Lara Hanlon
Lara Hanlon

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? Okay so my design background doesn’t have much of a history as of yet. In 2013 I graduated from the Design in Visual Communications programme at IADT, Dun Laoghaire, …

Modern Practice 13th November 2015

Modern Practice: JP Hartnett
John-Patrick Hartnett

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? I first studied at IADT where my ideas…

Modern Practice 12th November 2015

Modern Practice - Paul Woods
Paul Woods

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? After finishing high school, I had the naive notion that I wanted to be an artist, so I went to study fine art at the National College of Art and Design. After quickly …

Modern Practice 15th October 2015

Kathryn Wilson

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? I'm from just outside Belfast and at 18 I got accepted onto the Central Saint Martins foundation course so I left school and moved to London. It was a really big change…

Modern Practice 13th October 2015

Modern Practice - The Project Twins
Michael Fitzerald

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? We both studied visual …

Modern Practice 1st October 2015

Modern Practice: Wayne Daly
Wayne Daly

What’s your background? How did you get to where you are?

 I was born in Kilkenny and grew up in Wexford town (with a stint on the south coast of England in-between). Early interests in graphic design and …

Modern Practice 22nd September 2015

Modern Practice - Simon Richards
Simon Richards

What's your background? Graduated from Falmouth School of Art, then headed straight to London. Here, I worked at a number of design agencies, worked with some inspiring directors, before joining what was The Identity Business in …

Modern Practice 16th September 2015

Sue Murphy

What's your background? I got hooked on the internet when I was even shorter than I am now and started making websites. During my summer holidays from school I used to take classes in digital media at a college in Cork, basically …

Modern Practice 8th September 2015

Paula McEntee

WHAT’S YOUR BACKGROUND? HOW DID YOU GET TO WHERE YOU ARE? I studied Visual Communications in DIT Mountjoy Square, graduating in 2002. On ‘mature recollection’ going from secondary school in Monaghan, straight into …

Modern Practice 1st September 2015

Patrick Mullen

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? I studied Vis Comm in IADT and worked in Dublin for 6 wonderful years before moving to London almost 2 years ago, on a plane. …

Modern Practice 25th August 2015

Sinéad McDevitt

How did you get to where you are?  Balanced diet, daily exercise… No but seriously, in terms of where I am right now: I would say I got here by: – genuinely loving the challenge of a delicious creative …

Modern Practice 19th August 2015

Modern Practice - Jamie Murphy
Jamie Murphy

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? I studied Visual Communications at the National College of Art & Design (2002 – 2006) where I was particularly focused on book design and letterpress printing. …

Modern Practice 13th August 2015

Modern Practice - Shane Delahunty
Shane Delahunty

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? To be honest, I’m not really too sure. I’ve somewhat bumbled my way to being a designer. When I left school I started studying Commerce in UCD. After a year I …

Modern Practice 5th August 2015

Noelle Cooper

What's your background? How did you get to where you are? I graduated from Visual Communications in DIT in 2003. Prior to that I did a course in Design Presentation which was essentially a portfolio course, that’s where I …

Into the Archive

To help us gather information, stories and suggestions of what we should be considering for 100 Past we're asking you, the community to share your thoughts. Is there a logo you always loved? A road sign? A social-services form or a magazine? Or a scene or moment in time that you think the design captured or defined?

Into the Archive 29th July 2014

NCAD Prospectus
Joe Coll

When the 100 Archive team tweeted ‘what do you think should go in the archive?’, I asked myself what’s the earliest piece of design I can remember having an effect on me? Monaghan Champion Milk stickers (featuring Barry McGuigan) aside, I …

Into the Archive 26th February 2014

Caoga Pingin
Martin Fanning

It has been twelve years since my nomination for the archive was last in circulation. January 1st 2002 was the death knoll for the Punt and for the uniquely Irish design of its coins. In particular, the coins’ reverse side, (the Harp icon being on the…

Into the Archive 18th February 2014

National Museum of Ireland Logo
Adam Gallacher

Before I start I must ask your forgiveness, in short I cannot write, I do not understand grammar, or tense, my spelling is erratic and I often lack focus, so with that out of the way I’ll begin my rambling dirge, stroke homage. When I was…

Insight 5th February 2014

Bob Gray

Tweets, whether you’re commenting on a political event, gushing over your latest flight of fancy, promoting a piece of work, seeking advice or recommending a book, they’re good fun. A few characters sent into the world aimed at anybody who will …

Into the Archive 30th January 2014

Scott Burnett

Scott Burnett of Aad kicks off the series with some dewey eyed nostalgia for the days when Dublin's club flyers were ink, not pixels. I moved to Dublin from London in October 1998. I wouldn't quite say that I moved here because the flyers …


Insight 22nd October 2014

Branding for TV
Scott Burnett

RTE 2's recent rebrand, carried out in the UK, seems to have provoked the ire of many Irish designers. While some of the anger is reserved for the quality of the output, much of it is in response to the fact that the work was commissioned outside …

Insight 30th September 2014

A Year at Fabrica
Fiona OLeary

Fabrica. Image by Francesco Radino Towards the end of his book 'Design in the Real World', Victor Papanek describes the ideal design research centre…

Insight 26th August 2014

Designing for Big Blue: My Story So Far
Lara Hanlon

Austin, Texas — home to finger lickin’ BBQ, killer mosquitoes, sweaty summers, and IBM Design. It is here in Austin that I find myself among 70+ design graduates from around the world — from …

Record 19th August 2014

CODE Magazine – Issues 3 and 4
Eamon Spelman

Design, music and culture have always been inextricably linked. The growing dance culture in Ireland in the late 1980s and early '90s gave many young designers the opportunity to create work in areas of direct interest to them, producing posters…

Insight 5th February 2014

Bob Gray

Tweets, whether you’re commenting on a political event, gushing over your latest flight of fancy, promoting a piece of work, seeking advice or recommending a book, they’re good fun. A few characters sent into the world aimed at anybody who will …

News 14th August 2013

Good Design is All Around Us
Scott Burnett

On a daily basis, I see loads of work – posters, logos, shopfronts, websites, films, publications, apps, ideas, ads – that make me twinge with jealousy and then think ‘Who did that?’. It’s one of the main reasons we started …

Events 28th February 2013

The Art of Story
Kathryn Wilson

Top Image: Unthink & Slater Design We …


Perspective 20th July 2015

Visual Design is Dead. Long Live Visual Design.
Paul Woods

Introduction What is the role of the visual designer of tomorrow? In a world where screens no larger than a postage stamp live on the wrists of their users, the canvas for visual …

Perspective 14th January 2015

The New Logo: Branding Through Interaction
Paul Woods

As a student, I hated brand guidelines. In my eyes they represented a rigid set of rules that I, like every other over-eager design student who thinks they know better, was eager to break. In particular, weighty, 200 page PDF style guides seemed to me like …

Perspective 10th September 2014

The Shape of the World
Max Phillips

When I was 19 and studying art in Ithaca, New York, I rented an apartment with two friends on a short, looping side street called Highland Place. They were on the first floor, and I was upstairs under the roof. My room made a big impression on me. It was an…

Perspective 3rd December 2013

Unsolicited Aggravation
James Kelleher

It's easy to get lost in Pontin's at night. A couple of weeks back, I was in the Sussex holiday camp – Bobby Davro's spiritual birthplace – to see a bunch of bands play at …

Perspective 25th February 2013

The State We're In
David Smith

In early 2011, I was asked to submit work for inclusion in One by One, Graphic Designers of the World Today, a global atlas of graphic design published by Hesign International (the publishing imprint of…

10 Questions

10 Questions 14th October 2014

Paul Woods

01. Where are you in and why are you there? I’ve been living here in Berlin since in 2011. Before that I studied in London for a year doing an MA in Design for Communication. I came directly to Berlin for my current job at …

10 Questions 5th September 2014

James Cullen

01. Where are you in and why are you there? London. After a few years working in Dublin and Berlin, I wanted to challenge myself by trying to work with international brands on …

10 Questions 30th September 2013

Eibhlin Doran
Eibhlín Doran

01 - Where are you in and why are you there? I'm currently living in London where I have been since June 2012. I moved over here for my job after finishing my degree. …

10 Questions 27th August 2013

Ken Deegan
Kenneth Deegan

01 - Where are you in and why are you there? New York City. I came for what I thought would be a period of one year. Now, four years later I'm still here. My goal is …

10 Questions 15th August 2013

Karl Toomey

01 – Where are you in and why are you there? I’m living in Stoke Newington in London. I moved over here in March 2009 to be closer to my girlfriend and sample other studios …

Thinking Outside The Lunch Box

Events 1st March 2013

Stephen McCarthy
Scott Burnett

Like a lunch break on a busy day, our thinking outside the lunchbox series is over all too quickly. Our last sandwich is a friday hangover classic from …

Thinking Outside The Lunch Box 28th February 2013

Sue Murphy (Ogilvy & Mather)
Scott Burnett

Todays slice of life, art and bread comes all the way from Susan Murphy who is in the home of great sandwiches, NYC. I’ve had a relationship with …

Thinking Outside The Lunch Box 27th February 2013

Simon Roche
Scott Burnett

Another designer talks about his lust for lunch, Simon Roche of Smoke and Mirrors, …

Thinking Outside The Lunch Box 26th February 2013

Simon Sweeney
Scott Burnett

Continuing our series of lunch time designer treats, here’s one from Simon Sweeney, who says: “Ketchup.&…

Thinking Outside The Lunch Box 25th February 2013

Noelle Cooper (Unthink)
Scott Burnett

Some of the posts we’re doing for the the OFFSET blog this week will make you think; this one will make you think about lunch.  We asked some of our favourite designers to …

Inspiration Chain

Inspiration Chain 4th March 2013

Inspiration Chain 4/4
Scott Burnett

We’d like to thank team offset for having us as guest contributors last week. It’s not goodbye, though, just see you later as we’ll be launching our new site over OFFSET weekend &…

News 1st March 2013

Inspiration Chain 3/4
Scott Burnett

It’s the penultimate inspiration chain, where designers pick their peer par excellence! And then that designer picks someone. And so on. You get the idea, right? …

Inspiration Chain 28th February 2013

Inspiration Chain 2/4
Scott Burnett

This is our second OFFSET Inspiration Chain! To start a conversation about the role of inspiration in design we asked four young designers to tell us who among their peers has inspired them with their work. We then asked that …

News 26th February 2013

Inspiration Chain 1/4
Scott Burnett

One of the reasons we’re developing an archive is to capture the connections, and reveal the context of Irish communication design. How can you build on something, or…

100 Library

100 Library 7th November 2013

Rocky Grennell

The Graphic Language of Neville Brody 2 I was tempted to go for Muller-Brockmann's 'Grid Systems' - but in truth - Brody was my first real influence in graphic design. I …

100 Library 9th September 2013

Stephen Ledwidge

The Education of an Illustrator Edited by Steven Heller and Marshall Arisman. I discovered …

100 Library 9th September 2013

Kate Brangan

The Extraordinary Work of Ordinary Writing: Annie Ray's Diary by Jennifer Sinor …

100 Library 4th September 2013

David Joyce

We're starting a new feature where we're asking designers to pick one book (about design or not) that has had an impact/inspiration on the way they design/work. We've started by asking a few friends but the series is open to any of our members…


Record 21st December 2017

Eamon Spelman

Most design agencies are formed through a college friendship or working relationship but, for Charlie O’Neill and Jole Bortoli, it was encountering each other's posters on the streets of Dublin that gave them the idea to join forces and …

Record 5th July 2017

Tony O'Hanlon - Part Two
Eamon Spelman

In the second of two articles (read part one here), Eamon Spelman speaks to Tony O'Hanlon about the opportunities and challenges working for the European Design Group (Digital), his …

Record 22nd June 2017

Tony O'Hanlon - Part One
Eamon Spelman

There are few Irish designers who have had as deep and lasting an impact on the Irish graphic design landscape as Tony O’Hanlon, a designer whose influence and esteem goes far beyond these shores. In the first of a two part piece, he talks to …

Record 23rd August 2016

Kevin Finn – Design Practice
Eamon Spelman

It’s fairly common practice for design graduates to leave Irish shores and gain experience abroad, only to return home a few years later to benefit the industry here. Some, however, decide to stay and make their career in their adopted country…

Record 15th March 2016

Stephen Averill – U2
Eamon Spelman

There are a handful of designers who have a longstanding relationship or association with one organisation or group. Vignelli’s work for Knoll or Peter Saville and New Order usually come to mind but Stephen Averill’s work for U2 spans nearly…

Record 18th January 2016

Alan Aboud — Design Practice
Eamon Spelman

For the last 25 years, Alan Aboud has worked extensively with innovative fashion, beauty, fragrance and lifestyle brands, including Paul Smith, Zara, Levi's, H&M, River Island and Neal's Yard Remedies. Last month, Eamon Spelman talked to him …

Record 10th December 2015

Alan Aboud – Paul Smith
Eamon Spelman

“A very generous man with his time” is how Alan Aboud describes his client, the fashion designer, Paul Smith. Their working relationship started after Alan graduated …

Record 20th January 2015

Makullas — Niall Sweeney
Eamon Spelman

Walking around Dublin today, with its countless clothes shops filled with specially selected pieces, it is almost impossible to imagine (or remember, as the case may be) that 25 years ago, the fashion retail landscape of the city was very different. …

Record 7th November 2014

Remembering Richard
Tony OHanlon

As part of the ongoing process of developing content for 100 Past we have made contact with many people who have made a significant contributing to Irish visual communications. Tony O’Hanlon is one of these people. …

Record 19th August 2014

CODE Magazine – Issues 3 and 4
Eamon Spelman

Design, music and culture have always been inextricably linked. The growing dance culture in Ireland in the late 1980s and early '90s gave many young designers the opportunity to create work in areas of direct interest to them, producing posters…

Record 13th August 2014

Lead & Old Wood — Max Kisman
David Smith

As a student in the early 1990s I was greatly taken with the FUSE publishing project and its expressed intent on testing the boundaries of digital design and digital typography. Amongst those early FUSE designers who piqued my attention …

Record 17th November 2013

A Swiss Designer in Ireland
Lorenzo Tonti

My experience of design in Ireland is impossible to analyse without considering my background. One and the other are inextricably linked as one formed my views of the other, and both influenced my career as a designer over the past 30 years. …

Sustainable Work

Sustainable working in the creative industry: An impossible myth?

How many hours did you work today? Ten? Twelve? More? And last weekend? How many then? As a designer, you’ve been always felt privileged that you get to do something you love, day in, day out. You don’t mind doing long hours, in fact you often wear them as a badge of pride. Working 15 hour days, missing your kid’s birthday, missing yet another wedding anniversary because of a pitch become almost legendary office tales that you proudly regale to your coworkers. In this industry, there’s no such thing as work / life balance — after all, if you’re a great designer, long hours come with the territory, right?

Through a number of interviews with leading design professionals from around the world, this series explores the simple question: “Can a successful design agency maintain a work / life balance?”. Is this a naive undertaking in an industry is not known for sustainable work practices? And even if long hours can be avoided on the agency side, how can a company that doesn’t work long hours maintain a competitive advantage over those that do, how can they get clients on board and, most crucially, can they still produce great work?

Sustainable Work 23rd June 2016

Christian Titze
Paul Woods

Christian Titze is Business Director at Edenspiekermann LA. Long working hours are something that have long been taken for granted in the creative industry. In your experience, is this still the case and do you expect this to …

Sustainable Work 5th April 2016

Ray Doyle
Paul Woods

Ray is a Dublin based creative director, photographer and filmmaker. Long working hours are something that have long been taken for granted in the creative industry. In your experience, is this still the case and do you expect …

Sustainable Work 8th March 2016

Paul Woods

Sustainable working in the creative industry: An impossible myth? How many hours did you work today? Ten? Twelve? More? And last weekend? How many then? As a designer, you’ve been always felt privileged that you get to do …

Sustainable Work 8th March 2016

Steven Cook
Paul Woods

Interview 1: Steven Cook Partner and Creative director Edenspiekermann, Berlin Long working hours are something that are taken for granted by many in the creative …


Design is full of opinionated people. It’s not a bad thing, in fact it’s part of the job. Another important part of the job is empathy and being able to see things from different angles. Viewpoints will set out to provide a rounder understanding of some of the most contentious and divisive subjects of the day by collecting multiple points of view from engaged and informed designers, curators, writers and educators with something constructive to say. We will pose a different question to these people every month or so to tease out how they feel about a particular issue facing design and designers in Ireland. Their responses are unlikely to be uniform, and their viewpoints won’t be definitive, but that’s exactly the point. We’re bombarded with impassioned opinions on a daily basis and it can be easy to take them at face value. But sometimes it takes more than 140 characters to get to the heart of something, and sometimes it’s important to take the time to pull things apart and look at them from all angles to get a better sense of how they work.

If you’ve any subjects you’d like to see us tackle, or if you’d like to offer a viewpoint on something in particular, drop us a line.

Viewpoints 13th April 2018

Viewpoints: Mel O'Rourke
Mel ORourke

This season's Viewpoints has been taking a look at design thinking and asking what it is, who it's for and whether it's doing any good or not. First up was design thinking advocate and IBMer …

Viewpoints 11th April 2018

Viewpoints: James Delaney
James Delaney

Next up to consider design thinking is James Delaney. James designs and builds stuff for the internet (including aspects of this site), as well as making forays into the worlds of critical speculative design and design research. Following on from his …

Viewpoints 9th April 2018

Viewpoints: Lara Hanlon
Lara Hanlon

Fresh from three days of discussion at OFFSET, we have another topic to illicit viewpoints on here at the 100: what is design thinking, who is it for and is it any use? What some say designers have been doing since the industry began, others herald as a new…

Viewpoints 4th August 2017

Viewpoints: Jane Gleeson
Jane Gleeson

So far we have had two interesting perspectives on how to bring about gender equality in design. First off, Kim Mackenzie-Doyle introduced some of the work she is undertaking at …

Viewpoints 3rd August 2017

Viewpoints: Tadhg Murray
Tadhg Murray

Yesterday we heard from Kim Mackenzie-Doyle about her plans to tackle gender inequality through her IDI Presidency. Next we hear from someone at the other end of the scale, recent NCAD Visual Communication graduate Tadhg Murray. In his final year of …

Viewpoints 2nd August 2017

Viewpoints: Kim Mackenzie-Doyle
Kim Mackenzie-Doyle

It is safe to say that in recent years we have seen a significant resurgance in support for women's rights and gender equality. A sense of 'enough is enough' has led to movements such as #…

Viewpoints 13th April 2017

Viewpoints: Simon Sweeney
Simon Sweeney

This time round we've been gathering some viewpoints about the dreaded world of design criticism. First up, Jarrett Fuller called for a wide range of voices to contribute to a …

Viewpoints 12th April 2017

Viewpoints: Anna Kealey
Anna Kealey

This time round Viewpoints has taken a look at design criticism, with designer, writer and host of Scratching the Surface Jarrett Fuller advocating for a broad range of voices to …

Viewpoints 11th April 2017

Viewpoints: Jarrett Fuller
Jarrett Fuller

So far Viewpoints has offered up opinions on how design is or should be represented by professional organisations and whether design awards are effective in their aims. This time we've asked for thoughts on the C-word: criticism. Here in Ireland we don…

Viewpoints 23rd February 2017

Viewpoints: Oran Day
Oran Day

In our latest series of Viewpoints, we've been asking people about design awards. First up, architect and IDI president George Boyle discussed the variety of criteria that …

Viewpoints 22nd February 2017

Viewpoints: Seán Mongey
Seán Mongey

Next up to consider the current state and future potential of design awards is Seán Mongey. Seán graduated NCAD's Visual Communication programme in 2008 and spent a number of years balancing work in various Dublin studios with …

Viewpoints 21st February 2017

Viewpoints: George Boyle
George Boyle

Designers are an opinionated bunch, and we happen to think that's a good thing! In order to get to the heart of some of the issues facing design today, and to hear some more of those opinions we've started Viewpoints, a series that poses a question …

Viewpoints 22nd December 2016

Representing Design
Nathalie Weadick

For our first series of Viewpoints we've asked a number of people to consider how design in represented in Ireland. First up we had thoughts from Kathryn Wilson, creative director…

Viewpoints 19th December 2016

Representing Design
Scott Burnett

Here at the 100 we're interested in looking at issues facing the design community from a number of angles. Right now we're taking a look at how and why the design industry is represented. First up, …

Viewpoints 15th December 2016

Representing Design
Kathryn Wilson

Here at the 100 we're interested in opinions, and not just our own. There are a great many issues, challenges and opportunities facing design in Ireland and Irish designers at home and around the world, and we want to hear and share more about them. One…

In With the New

New, new, new: it's a new year, so we thought we'd start a new series of articles looking at some of the new(er) voices in the Irish design community. As submissions for the 2016 archive come tumbling in, it's refreshing to see so many come from younger designers and emerging studios. With that in mind, In With the New will share interviews with some of those designers and studios to explore their work, share their insights and pick their brains about their future ambitions. Without further ado, it's out with the old...

In With the New 5th April 2017

In With the New: Amy O'Donnell
Amy ODonnell

Over the past two months we've spoken to a host of the 100's younger and newer members about their studies, their careers, their insights and obsessions. In With the New has been a really enjoyable series for us to put together, not least because it…

In With the New 3rd April 2017

In With the New: Mike Simpson
Mike Simpson

'My first interest in design came from the hip-hop culture in New York, mostly things like the graffiti and the old advertisements on the subways. I was taken aback by how people were using these letterforms, completely taking them apart and re- …

In With the New 28th March 2017

In With the New: Kate Brangan
Kate Brangan

'I was working in an agency in London and we were involved with a lot of projects in Ireland, which meant I was very aware of a lot of exciting things developing here. This constant focus on Ireland only emphasised how much I wanted to be in Ireland …

In With the New 20th March 2017

In With the New: Jordan Huysmans
Jordan Huysmans

'2016 was a tumultuous year that shifted world politics in a direction I don’t think many people expected. It was interesting to see the emerging work in response to this fear and uncertainty, and to see creatives of all disciplines come together …

In With the New 14th March 2017

In With the New: Keelin Coyle
Keelin Coyle

Some time spent living and working in Amsterdam and New York has provided plenty of great experience and inspiration for NCAD graduate Keelin Coyle, but it wasn't too long before home was calling... 'I am a total home bird, and I truly think Dublin …

In With the New 9th March 2017

In With the New: Steve O'Connell
Steve O Connell

'Living in London, I think I became over-saturated with cool graphic design – flyers adorned with experimental typography and bookshops packed with beautifully designed zines from indie publishers are everywhere. At first, it was amazing and I …

In With the New 6th March 2017

In With the New: Oscar Torrans
Oscar Torrans

'The most important thing I've learned so far? Being open and abandoning the word "should". After leaving college I had a more modernist approach and felt things "should" look a certain way or boxes need to ticked in order for it to be "good",but if…

In With the New 2nd March 2017

In With the New: Sarah McCoy
Sarah McCoy

Some time spent travelling after completing her studies at DIT has helped Sarah McCoy figures some things out. And what are those? 'That Dublin has such an exciting emerging design industry and I want to be here and be part of that. However, I think it&…

In With the New 28th February 2017

In With the New: Evan McGuinness
Evan McGuinness

 ‘I always had a desire to work in a different culture for both the professional and personal experience. I was drawn to Oslo for many reasons: after researching the other Scandinavian countries I felt Oslo had the most exciting and relatively …

In With the New 16th February 2017

In With the New: Ronan Kelly
Ronan Kelly

Ronan Kelly's done a bit of moving around in his time, having spent part of his childhood in Spain before returning to Ireland to study at IADT. Now he's in London where he is exploring ways of working with emerging technologies at Wieden+Kennedy…

In With the New 13th February 2017

In With the New: Ruza Leko
Ruza Leko

Having grown up in war torn Croatia, leaving her home town of Slavonski Brod wasn't a difficult decision for Ruza Leko. After a time spent working in bars and restaurants in Dublin, she decided to return to college to begin studying. First it was …

In With the New 9th February 2017

In With the New: Archie Heaslip
Archie Heaslip

'Last year, while out having a drink with some friends, we decided we should go to New York to take advantage of the J1 graduate visa. I don’t think we actually thought we’d make it over here and I’m still sometimes surprised that we …

In With the New 6th February 2017

In With the New: Craig Sinnamon
Craig Sinnamon

WIT and Ravensbourne graduate and London-dweller Craig Sinnamon is on the hunt for brave clients. And while placing an ad in design journal Works that Work offering 'Graphic Design for the rich …

In With the New 2nd February 2017

In With the New: Shauna Buckley
Shauna Buckley

'I really enjoy when accidental graphic design happens, when people who haven’t been trained in the traditional sense create something lovely or …

In With the New 31st January 2017

In With the New: brennan & stevens
Freddie Stevens

'Despite the fact that we both love to travel we knew that if we were to set up a studio of our own we wanted it to be in Ireland. From our time freelancing we had built up a good client base that we would continue working with once we had set up on our…

In With the New 26th January 2017

In With the New: Bridget Butler
Bridget Butler

Up next in our new series of posts looking at the work of some of the younger and emerging members of the 100 is Bridget Butler. Bridget grew up in Wexford, studied in Limerick, spent a year working in Germany with …

In With the New 24th January 2017

In With the New: Studio Nugno
Eleonora Bigi

First up in our series of interviews with some of the Archive's younger and newer members is Studio Nugno. Eleonora and Luca both grew up in the north east of Italy but have made Dublin their home, and alongside …

The Personality of Irish Design

“How would you describe Irish design?”

As someone who has spent the best part of the last decade living away from our native shores, this is the question I find myself being asked again and again. It’s certainly a thought provoker: is there such a thing as an “Irish design personality”, and if so, what is it? Beyond the obvious stereotypes of emerald green and uncial typography, how does one describe the work of our nation? Is such an undertaking simple folly — is it even possible for the creative work of an entire nation, even a small one like Ireland to have a single unifying personality that transcends individual personalities, projects and disciplines? Is there a single thread that runs through the vast plethora of work produced on our island, from the bold art direction of television commercials to the intricate details of typeface design?

It is this author's opinion that the answer is a resounding yes. Yes, Irish design has its own voice. Yes, it is something that stands out on the international stage with a unique voice. Although it is important to quickly follow that ‘yes’ with a caveat that this assertion is a personal sentiment rather than a provable fact.

For me personally, Irish design represents the following:

  • It is steeped in an incredible level of craftsmanship
  • It demonstrates a love of the written word, even when it’s not our core craft (it is no wonder that so many Irish designers double as writers)
  • It shares some of the irreverence and tongue-in-cheek humor of English design
  • Unlike German design, which is often driven by an engineering mindset, it has an artistic flare
  • Unlike American design, which takes itself very seriously, it has a sense of playfulness, humour, occasionally even a mischievous quality

But that’s just my opinion. These are also broad statements that are best described as a gut feeling from a plump Irishman living abroad. Others will likely disagree with these statements — and probably strongly. Some may say that Irish design is too diverse to have even a loose thread running through it. Some will argue that it is impossible for the collective work of any nation to have a single personality.

What is perhaps more important than whether one agrees or disagrees with any of these statements, is that we, as a global collective of Irish designers, begin to ask ourselves these questions in the first place. It is this author's belief that this topic is more relevant now than ever. While once upon a time Irish design may have played second fiddle to the ‘traditional’ design hubs of the world — London, Amsterdam, New York, etc. — this is no longer the case. Irish design, and the designers behind it, are creating tremendous impact on the international stage, due in no small part to initiatives like the 100 Archive, Offset, The Future, etc. As the reputation and visibility of Irish design grows beyond the shores of Ireland, it is natural that we begin to question the notion of an “Irish design style”.

This series aims to dig a little deeper into the idea of the Irish design personality. Through a number of ongoing interviews with leading practitioners at home and abroad, this series explores the question, “Is there such a thing as an Irish design personality?” And if so, the logical follow-up question, "What is it?"  

The Personality of Irish Design 11th January 2018

Benjamin Messingschlager
Paul Woods

In 2015, while studying at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, German designer Benjamin Messingschlager came to Dublin to meet with and interview a host of Irish designers in order to …

The Personality of Irish Design 10th January 2018

Cian McKenna
Cian McKenna

Cian McKenna is a freelance motion designer and art director hailing from the Visual Communications BA in DIT. After interning in the 3x3 programme Cian worked in a number of Irish design …

The Personality of Irish Design 9th January 2018

Sharon Walsh
Paul Woods

Up next is Sharon Walsh, a designer from Dublin who has been working in an array of studios - in an array of countries - since she graduated from IADT in 2012. She has worked on a host of different…

The Personality of Irish Design 8th January 2018

Aoife Dooley
Paul Woods

First up answering Paul's questions on the personality of Irish design is Aoife Dooley. Aoife is an illustrator, author and comedian who hails from the Northside. She studied at Coláiste…

Postcards from the future

On the 3rd and 4th of November we made our way to the RDS and immersed ourselves in the future – a head-spinning, brain-popping, back-aching new festival that we were happy to be part of. As it was the first year it almost had the feel of a large scale prototype that made the audience an active rather than passive part of the event. Less tightly curated, more informally presented, speakers fighting for attention and visitors left to work it out for themselves. With this in mind we wanted to capture some of the ideas that stuck with our community before it becomes ‘the past’. We’ll post these ‘postcards from the future’ over the next two weeks. Offering a mix of viewpoints and responses to the event that hopefully help us make sense of where design is and where it’s going.

Postcards from the future 8th December 2017

Postcards from the future: Life & Surprise
Shane Delahunty

The Future & the Meaning of Life. Two things that people are afraid of, yet can talk shite about considerably as if they have a clue. Try as we might, no matter how much we talk ourselves into believing it, the future is just not as clear as we can all …

Postcards from the future 6th December 2017

Postcards from the future: Possible paths
Catherine Robertson

I very consciously went into The Future seeking something outside of my own immediate sphere of interests. What exactly this was going to be, I didn’t really know – but I decided to embrace the theme and sought out speakers that I hoped would …

Postcards from the future 4th December 2017

Postcards from the future: The art of talking to strangers
Simon Sweeney

If any of you spoke to me at any point over the weekend that contained The Future you probably heard me go on about any and or all the points below so feel free to close this tab and read the other more interesting …

Postcards from the future 1st December 2017

Postcards from the future: Find new ways forward
Lara Hanlon

Growing up, I only ever thought about the future in terms of technological advances, science fiction, utopian and dystopian worlds. It all seemed so far away and out of my control. Today when I think about the future, my hopes and fears lie with …

Postcards from the future 29th November 2017

Postcards from the future: Democratise the debate
Anusia Grennell

The future (with a little ‘f’) is unknown and therefore nothing can be posited for certain. With that in mind, the role of a conference thus titled is to facilitate speculation and debate. This highly-anticipated addition to the …

Postcards from the future 27th November 2017

Postcards from the future: Known Unknowns
Marcus Swan

On the 3rd and 4th of November we made our way to the RDS and immersed ourselves in the future – a head-spinning, brain-popping, back-aching new festival that we were happy to be part of. As it was the …

In With the New #2

2019 is set to be an incredibly exciting year for the 100 Archive, as we prepare to take an even closer look at contemporary Irish design and the individuals, studios, clients and collaborators who make it happen. We are in the midst of assembling a team of researchers, designers and videographers for ‘Mapping Irish Design,’ a project funded by Creative Ireland that will examine the impact of design on Irish society. Simply by chatting with a bunch of different designers, we can uncover a host of interesting stories, new technologies, unique obsessions and a wide range of insights. And so, as the 2018 archive submissions pour in, once again we are taking the opportunity to chat with some of the younger and newer members of the 100 Archive about their work, careers and experiences so far.

In With the New #2 15th April 2019

In With The New: Amy McMahon
Amy McMahon

Our final interview of the series is with Amy McMahon, a Co. Clare native who studied visual communication in the Limerick School of Art & Design. Since graduating in 2015 she has worked in a number of different design agencies, in Dublin, Cork and New …

In With the New #2 25th March 2019

In With The New: Alessandra Ravida
Alessandra Ravida

With a degree in chemistry and a PhD in glycochemistry graphic design wasn’t initially on the cards for Italian-born Alessandra Ravida. “I was born in Milan but I am not Milanese. Growing up we moved around a lot (every 2-3 years.) I hated it, …

In With the New #2 11th March 2019

In With The New: Ross Phelan
Ross Phelan

Ross Phelan grew up in Dublin, studied visual communication in IADT, Dun Laoghaire and now works in Detail. Design Studio. “I guess you could say I’m a bit of a home bird. After graduating I was pretty sure I was going to move to New York, but …

In With the New #2 3rd March 2019

In With The New: Laurie Concannon
Laurie Concannon

While the majority of Irish designers are urban-based, both in Ireland and abroad, there are many more setting up shop in rural areas. Last summer the 100 Archive published ‘Beyond …

In With the New #2 20th February 2019

In With The New: Katie Kidd
Katie Kidd

Dublin-born Katie Kidd studied visual communication at the National College of Art and Design, combining both her love of art and her love of writing. “I learned how to bring these two things together in the most aesthetically-pleasing way: from …

In With the New #2 13th February 2019

In With The New: Dominic Stanley
Dominic Stanley

Dominic Stanley grew up in Clontarf, studied business in Waterford and worked as an accountant in Dublin for six years before a unique and challenging situation gave him the opportunity to change the focus of his career. “I was in my late twenties …

In With the New #2 4th February 2019

In With the New: Jamie Smyth
Jamie Smyth

Now based in London, Jamie Smyth originally hails from Tramore in Co. Waterford. “Waterford was a great place to grow up. It has a great countryside, sound people, lovely blaas* and a large, active arts scene.” Since the age of 15, he knew he …

In With the New #2 28th January 2019

In With the New: Sara Celik
Sara Celik

First up in our series of interviews with some of the Archive's newer and younger members is Sara Celik. It was Sara’s passion for art that lead her to pursue graphic design as a career. Born to a Turkish dad and an Irish mam, Sara spent the …

Designer as Collaborator

Regardless of the discipline or brief, design requires some degree of collaboration. Whether it’s speaking with a client to understand their needs, sharing sketches with colleagues, or working with a production company to execute ideas, designers are in a constant state of communication and co-creation.

In recent years, the demand for designers has simply exploded. We’ve seen companies turn their heads toward design as a means to innovate and drive revenue. Startups, corporations and institutions have made notable investments in design through acquisitions, funding and in-house agency build-outs. Why? Well, that’s a conversation for another time but as designers move into these new, less traditional design environments, the need for deep, cross functional collaboration becomes paramount. Likewise, the ever-evolving, multidisciplinary nature of design itself allows practitioners to move between diverse disciplines over time. The act of collaboration is particularly conducive to this.

So, to understand if and why collaboration in the context of design is important, we asked four individuals to shed light on their respective experiences and practice. Hopefully these conversations will spark further discourse on this topic and perhaps even challenge us to reflect on our own role of designer as collaborator.

Designer as Collaborator 9th May 2019

Designer as Collaborator: Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson

To round out our Designer as Collaborator series, we speak with photographer Matthew Thompson. As a formally trained designer, Matthew continues to collaborate with and involve design in his projects and …

Designer as Collaborator 2nd May 2019

Designer as Collaborator: Grace Hughes
Grace Hughes

Third in our Designer as Collaborator series, we chat to Grace Hughes – Senior Content Designer for Fjord at The Dock, Accenture’s R&D hub in Dublin. As Grace puts it, her work unfolds …

Designer as Collaborator 25th April 2019

Designer as Collaborator: Simon Finney
Simon Finney

Next up in on our Designer as Collaborator series, Simon Finney gives us an insight into front end development and UX design at IBM. Based at IBM Studios Dublin, Simon is the front end development practice lead for …

Designer as Collaborator 18th April 2019

Designer as Collaborator: Stephen McCarthy
Stephen McCarthy

To kick off 100 Archive’s latest series Designer as Collaborator, Stephen McCarthy gives us a glimpse of design life at Government Digital …


News 2nd June 2020

The 2019 100 Archive Selection is live!
Aideen McCole

It’s hard to believe but here we are: the 100 Archive has made its tenth annual selection of contemporary communication design, made by designers all over Ireland and Irish designers working all …

Map Irish Design 27th April 2020

Map Irish Design is live!
100 Archive Team

A major research and communication project, and the biggest project the 100 Archive has undertaken to date, Map Irish Design, is now live! Thanks to stellar work by the project team …

News 27th February 2020

100 Archive's New Contributors
100 Archive Team

The intention of the 100 Archive is not just to present contemporary design, but to discuss and contextualise it. We want the site to be a place to consider design from a range of perspectives and for people to begin to better understand design and its …

News 24th January 2020

2019 Submissions: FAQs
100 Archive Team

With one week to go until the deadline for 2019 submissions (Friday 31 January) design projects from all over Ireland and from Irish designers overseas are beginning to come in thick and fast. Hitting a stumbling block with your own submission? Here are …

News 6th December 2019

Call for Entries 2019
100 Archive Team

Well, it's that time of year again. While submissions for the 100 Archive are accepted year round, none bar the most organised of us has managed to make any. So here we go, it's deadline time: you have until 31 January 2020 to get your 2019 …

News 20th June 2019

100 x NLI Web Archive 2019
Aislinn Purcell

In late 2017 we began a partnership with the Digital Collections Department in the National Library of Ireland to include 100 Archive website selections in the National Web Archive. While almost all 100 Archive website selections were included in a domain …

News 23rd May 2019

The 2018 100 Archive Selection is live!
100 Archive Team

It’s here, it’s finally here! After months of deliberation, our Professional Panel and Archive Panel have assessed 414 projects from a record 153 submitting designers and the 100 projects which reflect design and life in Ireland in 2018 have …

News 21st May 2019

Evolving the Archive
Aideen McCole

In mid 2018 we were delighted to find out that the 100 Archive was successful in an application for a community heritage grant from the Heritage Council as part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH). The …

Events 15th May 2019

100 Archive 2018 Selection Launch
100 Archive Team

The time has finally come: let's see what work has made it into the 2018 Archive Selection and raise a glass to all the designers, studios, collaborators and clients who made it happen! Every year the 100 Archive presents the best of Irish communication…

News 21st February 2019

100 Archive x Design Talent
100 Archive Team

The 100 Archive are excited to announce a new partnership with Design Talent!  A brand new Irish design board offering a much needed service for the Irish design industry. On Design Talent you can list …

News 5th December 2018

2018 Deadline
100 Archive Team

The 2018 deadline is upon us: get your work from this year submitted by 31.01.19 in order to be in the running for the 2018 Archive Selection. The 2018 Archive Selection should show the breadth of graphic and communication design in Ireland…

News 24th October 2018

The new Archive Panel: 2018/2020
100 Archive Team

This year the changing of the guard occurs for both of our panels. Here we introduce our new Archive Panel 2018/20, but first off a massive thanks goes to James Cullen, Aoife Flynn, Kasia Ozmin, Eamon Spelman and Paul Woods for selecting the past three…

News 22nd October 2018

The new Professional Panel: 2018/2020
100 Archive Team

With our previous professional panel stepping down, it's time to introduce five new assessors. First off though, a massive thank you to Lara Hanlon, David Caron, Richard McElveen, Simon Richards and John Gavin for assessing a total of 778 projects over …

News 17th October 2018

New additions to the Steering Committee
100 Archive Team

New partnerships, new funding and soon new panellists: there have been a lot of changes here at the 100 Archive this year. While we were at it we thought we would bring some new perspectives onto the steering committee in order to keep the organisation…

News 25th May 2018

100 x Data
100 Archive Team

Well here we are, the day we've been waiting for (for more reasons than one...): it's now Friday 25 May, aka the deadline for compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation. Here at the 100 Archive we have made a few tweaks and have…

News 25th January 2018

100 × NLI
100 Archive Team

We are delighted to announce that in 2018 we begin a partnership with the National Library of Ireland to begin to digitally preserve websites selected by the 100 Archive through the NLI's Web Archive…

News 13th June 2017

The 2016 Archive is launched!
Aideen McCole

After a flurry of submissions, months of deliberation and a fancy shindig in Twitter's EMEA Headquarters in Dublin, 381 submissions have been whittled down to 100 great pieces of Irish graphic design and …

News 23rd December 2016

Everybody loves a deadline — 31.01.17
Brian Nolan

As we are counting down to 2017 take a little time to look back at 2016 and think about what work you will submit to the 100 Archive. As ever you can submit work at any time and all projects that have made it onto the site in 2016 are automatically reviewed…

News 1st December 2016

100 Archive Industry Survey
100 Archive Team

Who, Why, How much... For some time now it has become clear that the borders are blurring. Visual communications had a relatively clear set or parameters and it was easy to define.  Design is now seen as an asset that …

News 28th September 2016

2016 deadline: you heard it here first…
Aideen McCole

Here at the 100 we’re plotting and planning next year’s activities with such excitement that we thought we would take the time to remind you of next year’s first and arguably most important event: submission for the 2016 archive selection…

News 15th March 2016

Welcoming a new Archive Panel
David Smith

The Professional Panel – David, John, Lara, Simon and Richard –  have completed their task and have cut down in excess of 500 entries to the glorious selection of work…

News 16th December 2015

Deadline for 2015 projects — 31.01.16
Brian Nolan

As we are counting down to 2016 take a little time to look back at 2015 and prepare your entries for the Archive. As ever you can submit work at any time and all projects that have made it onto the site in 2015 are automatically reviewed by our Archive …

News 7th December 2015

Many Hands Make Site Work
David Wall

The site that we built over the last few months and launched last week is a starting point. It’s designed to change in line with the next steps of the longer term 100 Archive …

News 2nd December 2015

The Next Chapter
Scott Burnett

Well, we’ve just launched an updated website. It’s been a year in the making all things considered and was made possible thanks to support from ID2015 and key members of the 100 Archive community. While much core thinking remains in place, we …

News 22nd May 2015

Credit Where Credit's Due
Brian Nolan

As a member of 100 Archive you are encouraged to associate with our activity, recognise a success or simply support and promote what we do. Increasingly our members are referencing their presence on the Archive, or simply using it as a way of …

News 9th January 2015

2014 Deadline Approaches
Scott Burnett

The clock is ticking... Hopefully the hangovers have all passed and you're primed and ready for the year ahead. But before you shoot off to design the crap out of 2015 [which is of course the year of Irish design] we hope you&#…

News 22nd July 2014

100 Needs You!
Scott Burnett

As you've no doubt reasoned from our last couple of posts, the last couple of months were, well, busy. In fact the last couple of years developing this project have been exciting, interesting and, at times, frantic. The challenges in managing the …

News 9th July 2014

Sorry to keep you waiting, please take a seat.
Brian Nolan

So its been a while, a little longer than we had planned, but very soon, we hope you will agree it's been worth the wait. When we set out on this archive and community building project we had to make some educated guesses. This helped us develop…

News 5th March 2014

The Archive Criteria
David Smith

At the end of each year an independent critical review of all projects in the 100 Future will determine up to a maximum of 100 projects to be included in the 100 Past. 100 Past will grow year by year into an accessible and historical archive, the aim of …

News 4th March 2014

The Archive Panel
Scott Burnett

Now that the door has closed on submissions, we're delighted to introduce the panel tasked with shaping the 2010—13 archive entries. In identifying this panel we wanted to provide a range of perspectives from proven and balanced advocates of …

News 22nd February 2014

The FINAL Deadline!
Scott Burnett

The last leg! Well we've had a great response so far. Lots of amazing projects completed since 2010 have made it through to our long-list. The end of February is the deadline for your 2013 projects, and due to popular demand we're extending an …

News 30th September 2013

Next Deadlines
Scott Burnett

So hopefully you all got your 2010 projects up in time? We certainly had a good response. But no time to rest on your laurels, it's time to get thinking about what else you should submit, and here's some milestones to focus the mind. …

In With The New #3 2nd September 2013

Deadline for 2010 projects
Scott Burnett

Deadline for 2010 projects: Monday 30 September Join the future before it becomes the past! Submitting your work to 100 Future means that it's eligible for inclusion in the archive. Each year up to 100 projects that give …

News 14th August 2013

100 Archive & ICAD
Brian Nolan

100 Archive are delighted to have the support of the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design (ICAD). We have been working with them to identify projects and individuals of merit which should be included …

Monthly Picks 14th August 2013

Introducing 100 Now
David Wall

We’re very happy to introduce 100 Now. This news feed will connect the various parts of the 100 Archive, and offer insights and opinions that come from the project and inform it. We’ve backdated the feed with our guest posts from the …


Events 1st October 2019

Alphabet Streets: Graphic Design in the City
100 Archive Team

Open House Dublin, Ireland's largest architecture festival, returns from 11—13 October and once again the 100 Archive is taking part! We have teamed up with a number of designers and clients whose work features in our archives to take a look at …

Events 13th June 2019

The Future of Design: Launch Breakfast
100 Archive Team

Join Design Enterprise Skillnet for breakfast on Friday 21 June for a panel discussion about The Future of Design and the leadership capabilities our industry needs to begin developing now. The event will also launch  DES's …

Events 15th May 2019

100 Archive 2018 Selection Launch
100 Archive Team

The time has finally come: let's see what work has made it into the 2018 Archive Selection and raise a glass to all the designers, studios, collaborators and clients who made it happen! Every year the 100 Archive presents the best of Irish communication…

Events 9th May 2019

2019 Degree Shows
Aislinn Purcell

Degree show season is already upon us again! Keeping up our tradition, we've started putting a list together of as many upcoming graduate shows from various institutions across the country. As always we will continue to add to this list in the …

Events 5th April 2019

OFFSET 2019 picks
Aislinn Purcell

OFFSET the highly anticipated festival returns today for its eighth edition from April 5th - 7th taking a new home at The Point Square. A wide variety of events are running with guest practitioners ranging from the fields of Graphic Design, Photography…

Events 3rd April 2019

Designs on Growth Programme
100 Archive Team

Design Enterprise Skillnet are running a six month Business Growth & Management Development Programme starting on Thursday, May 2nd 2019 09:00 - 17:00. The programme sets out to effectively address your business …

Events 29th March 2019

Mastering The Client Relationship Workshop
100 Archive Team

Design Enterprise Skillnet is running their third Mastering The Client Relationship workshop with Jonathan Kirk founder of Up to the Light and new business director for …

Events 7th March 2019

Presentation Skills Workshop
100 Archive Team

Join Design Enterprise Skillnet and Core Learning for a one-day workshop on presentation skills that will cover every aspect of presentation skills, from profiling your audience to delivering the presentation they want to hear. Delivered by …

Events 14th February 2019

Responsive Web Typography Workshop
100 Archive Team

Our friends at Design Enterprise Skillnet are offering 100 Archive users a €100 discounted rate for a workshop in CAI House, Pearse Street, with Richard Rutter on 7 March, 9am—5pm. A world-renowned authority …

Events 16th November 2018

100 x Rams
100 Archive Team

Rams, the latest design documentary from US filmmaker Gary Hustwit looking at the life and work of German designer Dieter Rams, comes to Dublin! Join the 100 Archive, Various Artists and the director himself for the Irish premier in ODEON Point …

Events 31st October 2018

100 x Design Camp
100 Archive Team

Belfast Design Week returns for its fourth edition next month, from 6—11 November, and we will be there! We will present as part of the festival's feature conference, …

Events 26th October 2018

Design Leaders Conference 2018
100 Archive Team

The Design Leaders Conference, returning to Light House Cinema, Smithfield, on Thursday 8 November, brings together thought leaders and subject matter experts to lead business-focused conversations and learning on the challenges of managing creative …

Events 15th October 2018

100 x Fuse:d
100 Archive Team

We are thrilled to have been invited to participate in 'Good Design is Good Business', an upcoming event in Wexford run by Fuse:d. Fuse:d is a voluntary, not for profit, design and business network based in the South East. They raise …

Events 8th October 2018

Alphabet Streets: Graphic Design in the Docklands
100 Archive Team

Open House Dublin, Ireland's largest architecture festival, returns from 12—14 October and once again the 100 Archive is taking part! We have teamed up with a number of designers and clients whose …

Events 7th August 2018

Save As: creating and preserving Irish digital design
100 Archive Team

How do we preserve digital-born content — websites, apps, software and systems — when our means of making, using and saving them change so quickly? How will we look back on the digital products and experiences of the early 21st century, and what…

Events 13th July 2018

Design in Business @ STEAMWORKS
100 Archive Team

If you're in the south east and fancy some design chats, Boxworks co-working space in Waterford City, in partnership with fuse:d, hosts an event focussed on design in business on Thursday 19 July. 'Design in Business @STEAMWORKS' takes a …

Events 27th April 2018

2018 Degree Shows
Aideen McCole

Degree show season is just around the corner (in fact, if you're in Clare you can catch the last day of the Burren School of Art show today...), so we've begun compiling details on as many showcases from every creative discipline we can think of in …

Events 15th March 2018

100 x OFFSET2018
100 Archive Team

OFFSET2018 ​Friday 23-Sunday 25 March Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2 Tickets here We are delighted to contribute …

Events 26th February 2018

2017 100 Archive Launch
100 Archive Team

We are delighted to announce that we will launch the 2017 100 Archive as part of this year's OFFSITE on Thursday 22 March! With the help of the OFFSET team we will raise a glass to the designers, studios, clients and commissioners who have made it into …

Events 1st November 2017

100 x The Future
Aideen McCole

The Future is nearly here... Here at the 100 Archive we're looking forward to finding out what a new event for Dublin could hold, but not content with merely turning up and taking it in, we've planned TWO great …

Events 29th September 2017

100 x Mostro Design Camp Milano
Aideen McCole

From 6-12 October a brand new design event comes to Milan. Mostro Graphic Design Camp presents contemporary graphic arts and visual communication from around Europe through presentations, discussions and exhibitions …

Events 12th September 2017

Alphabet Streets: Graphic Design in the City
Aideen McCole

This October sees the return of Open House Dublin, Ireland's largest architecture festival, and this year we at the 100 Archive are taking part! We have teamed up with a number of designers and …

Events 11th September 2017

Above the Fold Art & Design Table Quiz
Aideen McCole

To fund its upcoming Culture Night event at the Tara Building, Above the Fold is hosting an Art & Design …

Events 15th May 2017

Back to the Future: the 2016 100 Archive launch
Aideen McCole

Drumroll, please: the 2016 Archive is ready to be announced! After much deliberation of the 350+ submissions we received this year, the panel has whittled it down to 100 great pieces of Irish graphic design. To mark the occasion, fill you guys in on what&#…

Events 24th April 2017

Irish Degree Shows 2017
Aideen McCole

Here we go, it's 2017 degree show season! We've begun compiling dates and details for all art, design, fashion and architecture shows we can find all over the island of Ireland to help you see the best new work from young Irish creatives. …

Events 6th April 2017

Socialise: The Happy Film
Aideen McCole

'Working on The Happy Film made me profoundly unhappy.' So says Stefan Sagmeister of the project that went from being an 18 month film experiment into an 84 month ordeal. The starting point for the film was the question of whether…

Events 7th February 2017

Aideen McCole

Dublin's flagship creative festival, Offset, returns for its seventh home edition from 17-19 February at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. Thankfully for those of us who haven't grabbed tickets yet, early…

Events 30th June 2016

POST Design Festival
Aideen McCole

For a long time, there has been a lack of open conversation about how design works, something that the 100 Archive's series' such as Modern Practice and …

Events 26th November 2015

Face Forward's First Outing
Aideen McCole

‘In comparison to other disciplines typography is noticeably under-theorised, and we believe this has had the effect of limiting the status of the practice in a number of spheres. As a consequence, concrete theoretical or methodological positions for …

Events 20th October 2015

Offset Goes Offshore: London 2015
Aideen McCole

Six years ago Offset was a wild idea for a totally new creative conference in Liberty Hall. Last April saw the conference's sixth edition, with over 2,500 attendees from Ireland and overseas descending on Bord G…

Map Irish Design

Map Irish Design is the most significant project undertaken by 100 Archive to date: with support from the Creative Ireland Programme we are looking at the material we have gathered from 2010 onwards (that's almost 3000 projects submitted by and credited to 1000 designers registered on our site) and its associated data in order to demonstrate the role of design in relation to Irish life, culture, commerce and society. Read on for progress and see our findings in spring 2020 over on

Map Irish Design 27th April 2020

Map Irish Design is live!
100 Archive Team

A major research and communication project, and the biggest project the 100 Archive has undertaken to date, Map Irish Design, is now live! Thanks to stellar work by the project team …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Language
Elaine McDevitt

We sat down in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios with David Joyce, founder of Language, and …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Deirdre Corcoran
Elaine McDevitt

We took a trip to Cork to visit Chapter. and sit down with the studio’s founder and creative director Deirdre Corcoran. We spoke…

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Mel O'Rourke
Elaine McDevitt

We visited CI Studio in Herbert Mews to chat to founder and Creative Director Mel O’Rourke to find out more about design…

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Coffee Culture
Aideen McCole

It’s far from flat whites that we were reared, yet looking around any town or city in Ireland you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise. One in three Irish people now buys a coffee at least once a day, and this is a figure that seems to have been …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Architecture, Property and Construction
Aideen McCole

No industry has been as closely associated with Ireland’s boom and bust (and boom again) than construction. And while the …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Design Initiatives
Elaine McDevitt

How does the design profession portray itself and how is this manifested within the 100 Archive? The design industry has been working to communicate what it is and what it does for as long as it’s been designing. In Ireland, we have professional …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Decade of Centenaries
Elaine McDevitt

In January 2020, plans to commemorate the Royal Irish Constabulary, an armed police force that existed until 1922 under the authority of the British administration in Ireland met with so far unparalleled levels of public debate around the Decade of …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Elaine McDevitt

As a trend, a term, a movement, sustainability is fast becoming ubiquitous as we collectively examine our consumer choices and environmental impact. It’s therefore no surprise that we’ve seen it emerge within the 100 Archive in recent years …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Ann Mulrooney
Elaine McDevitt

Work for the cultural sector is a significant proportion of the projects submitted to the 100 Archive each year. In order to understand the impact design has within the cultural sector, we chatted to curator and cultural manager Ann Mulrooney about …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Interview with Rory Simms
Elaine McDevitt

While he was on a flying visit home, we caught up with Rory Simms, designer in Pentagram NYC. He talked to us about his education in IADT, his move to the States and the work he’s most proud of…

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

CDs, LPs and 1 Cassette Tape
Aideen McCole

‘Streaming in the car and kitchen, vinyl in the living room and the den.’ — Jack White You don’t need to …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Print, Practice and the Polls
Aideen McCole

Design has a unique capacity to reflect our changing values. Design’s relationship to consumption — whether viewed positively or otherwise — means the outputs of the design industry can show us quite clearly what we want and desire, our …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Mise Éire
Elaine McDevitt

With 39% of all work submitted to the 100 Archive being made for the cultural sector (more than any other category), it is clear that design plays a notable role in how we express our culture. Crossing over between largely cultural and International …

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

Elaine McDevitt

Connectivity has become particularly topical during Covid19 events. As we physically distance, we connect more in other ways - Zoom has become a verb, posted mail is undergoing a revival and access to phone and internet has become of much greater social and…

Map Irish Design 26th April 2020

100 Archive 2016 Industry Survey
100 Archive Team

Back in late 2016 we asked you to participate in an industry survey, with a view to examining the current landscape of the Irish graphic design industry, conducted in collaboration with Quiddity. In addition to profiling the background and experience …

Map Irish Design 13th June 2019

Women in design: a supporting role?
Elaine McDevitt

Map Irish Design researcher Elaine McDevitt recently presented at the National Museum of Ireland’s Women in Design conference on 25 May 2019 in Collins Barracks. Her paper took a look at women in design by analysingexisting figures in relation to …

Map Irish Design 6th June 2019

Survey 01. When and Where
Aideen McCole

While the Map Irish Design team (plus a merry band of volunteers!) dig through data from the 2300+ projects we have on the site, we would also like you to fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge of design, who makes it, where they are and for whom they&#…

Map Irish Design 30th May 2019

Charting the Uncharted
Elaine McDevitt

Those of you who have followed the call out and announcements in relation to Map Irish Design will undoubtedly be interested in how things are progressing. You’ll also be aware of the premise of the project: Since our foundation, it has …

Map Irish Design 20th May 2019

May progress...
Aideen McCole

With a crack team assembled, work has kicked off on our Creative Ireland-funded research and communication project, Map Irish Design. James has pulled all of the data from the site (that’s data from 1000+ users and almost 3000 project submissions…

Map Irish Design 28th March 2019

Meet the MID Team
100 Archive Team

The 100 Archive is excited to introduce our ‘Map Irish Design’ project team. Thanks to our funding from Creative Ireland through its National Creativity Fund, the team is currently working on the archive’s mission of capturing and …

Map Irish Design 21st December 2018

Map Irish Design: FAQs
100 Archive Team

We’ve had some questions from you about our open call for people to help us with ‘Map Irish Design’, our Creative Ireland funded research and communication project. If you’re interested in getting involved, read on, and remember…

Map Irish Design 26th November 2018

100 x Creative Ireland: Map Irish Design
100 Archive Team

Earlier this year it was announced that 30 organisations and projects nationwide would receive funding from Creative Ireland through its National Creativity Fund, allowing diverse creative projects to occur all over Ireland in 2019. We are delighted to say …

In With The New #3

It's a new year and a new decade with the promise of new design challenges, new people to meet and new achievements to be made. This year marks the 100 Archive’s tenth annual selection of communication design work by designers based in Ireland and Irish designers overseas. Submit your recent project work before 31.01.20 for a chance to be included in the 2019 archive selection. All the details for submitting your project can be found here.

In the spirit of 'newness,' the 100 Archive once again got in-touch with a bunch of talented design graduates. We spoke with people based in Dublin, Cork, Glasgow, New York and as far away as Montevideo, Uruguay! From design for sustainability to rising rent prices, travel, innovative technology and unconventional inspiration, these up-and-coming designers have given us a wonderful insight into their experiences so far. So, without further ado, we really hope you enjoy the third series of In With The New.

In With The New #3 10th March 2020

In With The New: Liam Hamill
Liam Hamill

Sadly, we have come to the end of this year’s In With The New series. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know all of these up-and-coming designers. Our final article of the series features a designer who is very talented while also …

In With The New #3 3rd March 2020

In With The New: Leah Downing
Leah Downing

Leah Downing was born and raised in Dublin where she studied a joint degree of visual communication and visual culture in the National College of Art and Design. She currently works as a designer in Post Studio, Dublin. After first year in NCAD …

In With The New #3 25th February 2020

In With The New: Cath Buckley
Cath Buckley

Next up in the series is Cath Buckley, a Carlow-native who graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology in 2019 and is currently working as a junior designer in CI Studio, Dublin. “It feels surreal. I was only supposed to be here for one week'…

In With The New #3 18th February 2020

In With The New: Adrian de Juan
Adrian de Juan

Adrian de Juan studied Visual Communication in the Cork Institute of Technology, recently completed an internship with Imagist in London and currently resides in Cork, where he works as a freelance designer. “I was born and raised in the Philippines. …

In With The New #3 11th February 2020

In With The New: Finán Callaghan
Finan Callaghan

Next up is Finán Callaghan who has a BA in Visual Communication from the Technological University Dublin (formerly DIT) and currently works in Custodian. “I was born in Liverpool. My mam and dad worked and studied over there. When I was three, …

In With The New #3 4th February 2020

In With The New: Gabriela Nisizaki
Gabriela Nisizaki

Freelance graphic designer Gabriela Nisizaki has recently returned to Montevideo, Uruguay having completed an MA in Visual Communication at the Technological University Dublin (formerly DIT.) Gabriela intends to travel between Montevideo and …

In With The New #3 28th January 2020

In With The New: Michael O'Riordan
Michael O Riordan

Michael O’Riordan currently lives with his fiancée Bernadette Moran in a renovated sweet shop in Clara, Co. Offaly, not far from where he grew up. It is here, surrounded by the beautiful boggy wilderness of the midlands that he works remotely …

In With The New #3 21st January 2020

In With The New: Isabelle McCarthy
Isabelle McCarthy

We chatted with Isabelle McCarthy who was born in Limerick to Irish/Egyptian parents, grew up in Cairo, Egypt and currently works for Zero-G in Dublin. Growing up Isabelle always had a strong passion for art and design, and knew it was something she…

In With The New #3 14th January 2020

In With The New: Emer Brennan
Emer Brennan

Next up is Dublin-born Emer Brennan who studied visual communication at IADT Dun Laoghaire and recently completed a masters in graphic design at the Glasgow School of Art. She is currently teaching art in a secondary school in Glasgow, facilitating a …

In With The New #3 7th January 2020

In With The New: Luke Henebry
Luke Henebry

First up in this year’s In With The New series is Luke Henebry, a graphic designer and musician from Waterford who is just about to move to London to start an internship with MTV. Luke’s interest in graphic design all began when…

Global Irish Design

Keelin Coyle curates a series of articles on how Irish designers are contibuting to design globally.

Global Irish Design 30th March 2020

The Remote Working Pandemic
Keelin Coyle

The past few weeks have forced a fundamental reorientation in how graphic design is practiced. Globally, designers have had to embrace the current reality — graphic design, for the time being, is a fully remote industry. Amidst the collective hyper-…

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the Editor shares 100 Archive readers' thoughts, comments and opinions on design and design-related issues. Let us know what's on your mind by messaging us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

Letters To The Editor 23rd April 2020

Can Design Help?
Scott Burnett

Kicking off this new feature, Scott Burnett, founder and partner of wove, asks if designers are in a position to help in times of crisis. Have your say in the comments. _____ Is this a funny time …

In The Making

Design is an inherently human activity, and a designer's work is informed by the experiences, learnings, influences and associations they accumulate throughout their life. In this series we ask some of Ireland's top creatives to tell us what it is that has made them the practitioner they are today. 

In The Making 23rd June 2020

In The Making: Tom Cunningham
Tom Cunningham

Design is an inherently human activity, and a designer's work is informed by the experiences, learnings, influences and associations they accumulate throughout their life. In this new series, we ask some of Ireland's top creatives to tell us what it…

In The Making 26th May 2020

In The Making: Ashwin Chacko
Ashwin Chacko

Design is an inherently human activity, and a designer's work is informed by the experiences, learnings, influences and associations they accumulate throughout their life. In this new series, we ask some of Ireland's top creatives to tell us what it…


Dialogues is a series of articles capturing opinions, conversations and discourse relating to design theory & practice.

Dialogues 10th April 2020

On 'Design & Humour'
Paul Woods

Dialogues is a series of articles capturing opinions, conversations and discourse relating to design theory & practice. In the first edition of this new series, Garech Stone looks for the humour in Irish design and comes up short. In response…

Dialogues 8th April 2020

Design & Humour
Garech Stone

Dialogues is a series of articles capturing opinions, conversations and discourse relating to design theory & practice. In the first edition of this new series, Garech Stone looks for the humour in Irish design and comes up short. In response…

Monthly Picks

The Monthly Picks is a collection of interesting things to do, see and experience over a given month. Each month we ask our friends across the creative industries to gather a bunch of things that they will be getting up to and share it with the community.  

Monthly Picks 2nd April 2020

Revert's April Picks
Trevor Finnegan

It's a pretty strange time for everyone out there and making a list of things to do and see might be a little bit trivial. That said, our friends at Revert gave it a shot, and hopefully it can help us get through the long days at home be it&…

Monthly Picks 31st January 2020

Greenhouse's February Picks
David Walsh

February's picks have been selected by the folks residing in Greenhouse, both in Dublin and in Cork. So you're covered no matter which capital you find yourself in... THINGS TO DO Chester Beaty Annual Lecture…

Monthly Picks 9th January 2020

Brennan & Steven's January Picks
Clare Brennan

It's January, but if you're fighting the urge to hibernate our friends at Brennan & Stevens have your back! They've compiled 15 things to read, watch see, visit and taste, especially is you fancy a jaunt around Wicklow or south Dublin, so …

Monthly Picks 16th July 2019

Piquant's July Picks
Conor Buckley

This month's picks come from Limerick's finest, Piquant, and were compiled with a fair amount of contention and division. They got there in the end, though... EVENTS  …

Monthly Picks 7th June 2019

Nugno's June Picks
Luca Amoriello

From 2 Italians living in Dublin these are our recommendations for June 2019 :) PODCASTS Behance: Adobe live Adobe Live is where you can tune in to get all your creative …

Monthly Picks 3rd May 2019

Pixelpod's May Picks
Yvonne Rath

Hailing from Wexford, the folks over at Pixelpod give us their reccomendations of the top things to do this May. Now that we're on the brink of summer, we'll definitely be making a trip to check out these local reccomendations! …

Monthly Picks 4th April 2019

Detail's April Picks
100 Archive Team

Now that we're in the midst of spring the summer excitement is starting to creep up on us, so we asked our good friends over at Detail Design Studio for their top picks to keep us entertained this month. They've compiled a …

Monthly Picks 28th February 2019

Alex Synge's March picks
Alex Synge

Dublin born and Belfast based designer Alex Synge takes us through the best things to attend, watch, read and listen to this March and he's aiming to keep things balanced."Given that I'm from Dublin but live in Belfast and that March is (…

Monthly Picks 7th February 2019

Red Dog's February Picks
Catherine Robertson

January was a prolonged exercise in gloomy hibernation but, just like wood frogs crawling out from under a rock and defrosting their cold hearts, the Red Dog gang are back in the high life and  ready to fill our heads with as …

Monthly Picks 3rd December 2018

Bold's December picks
Leon Butler

Our December picks straddle the Shannon with things to do in Dublin, Galway, Sligo and Clare, courtesy of Bold's Leon Butler. No excuses not to get out and do something this month. Here we go: The 126 Gallery in Galway has it&rsquo…

Monthly Picks 4th October 2018

Hurrah Hurrah's October picks
Robin Foley

Lots happening in Cork in October. As well as the Cork Jazz Festival and Folk, below are the good folks at Hurrah Hurrah's picks for the month: Alice Maher - …

Monthly Picks 12th September 2018

Unthink's September picks
Noelle Cooper

Back to school time always seems to herald a HEAP of things to see and do. As such, the good folks at Unthink have rounded up a veritable tonne of recommendations for you to get through this month. Let's get going... EXHIBITIONS…

Monthly Picks 3rd August 2018

ODDesign's August picks
Daniel ODonoghue

Situated in the North West but with an eye on (seemingly) everything happening everywhere, ODDesign provides the picks for August. For things to listen to, visit, enjoy and discover all over Ireland and beyond, read on... FESTIVALS…

Monthly Picks 10th July 2018

Red&Grey's July picks
Deirdre Rawle

When we asked Red&Grey for recommendations for things to do in July, they suggested 'ice cream, short shorts and a bag of cans'. The tips didn't really need any improving, but nevertheless they came back with a host of other things in case …

Monthly Picks 8th June 2018

Chapter's June picks
Deirdre Corcoran

This month's picks focus in on the second city, thanks to a ream of recommendations from Cork's own Chapter. Chapter submitted work to the 100 Archive for the first time last year and have already managed two selections in the 2017 Archive! They …

Monthly Picks 11th May 2018

Design Factory's May picks
Conor Clarke

This month's picks come courtesy of Design Factory, where the team has found 55 things for you to visit, see, do, read, watch and listen to and one big fat reminder for you to VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! on Friday 25 May. Let's get listing... …

Monthly Picks 6th April 2018

Grandson's April Picks
Killian Walsh

This month's cultural picks come courtesy of Dundalk's finest, Grandson. Killian and Jake have combed through events, exhibitions, tunes and more so that as the evenings get longer…

Monthly Picks 13th March 2018

aad's March picks
Scott Burnett

This month aad are [slow] out of the blocks to share some of the things they’re excited to Do, See, Hear and generally waste time on this month.    EVENTS …

Monthly Picks 1st February 2018

CI Studio's February Picks
Mel ORourke

Now that we've all had a month to hibernate it's high time we start getting out and about again, right? With this in mind we at CI Studio have compiled what we're looking forward to seeing and doing this month, along with sharing what …

Viewpoints 2020

This week New Zealand's Prime minister spoke about how flexible working options can boost productivity and domestic tourism and improve work/life balance. Jacinda Ardern is suggesting a four-day working week as way to rebuild New Zealand after Covid-19. Could it be a solution for us to consider? If working less and better can reduce pressure on public services, create a healthier society and cut greenhouse gas emissions, is it time for a more flexible working arrangements for all?

Viewpoints 2020 24th May 2020

Viewpoints: The Four-Day Work Week #3
Noelle Cooper

I was initially unsure about sharing my opinion on a shorter working week because it is not something that we, as a studio, have considered implementing or even openly discussed. It feels all the more strange talking about it in the context of the uncertain…

Viewpoints 2020 23rd May 2020

Viewpoints: The Four-Day Work Week #2
Niall Shanahan

There is a widespread agreement that contemporary innovations and development in automation, computing, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) poses, at the very least, the possibility of disruption and changes in labour markets and employment. …

Viewpoints 2020 22nd May 2020

Viewpoints: The Four-Day Work Week #1
David Joyce

I’ve been working from my front room since the lockdown. I feel very fortunate to be able to work from home—many others don’t have that privilege—many don’t have work; many others don’t have a home. It was odd at first …

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