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7th November 2013

Rocky Grennell

The Graphic Language of Neville Brody 2 I was tempted to go for Muller-Brockmann's 'Grid Systems' - but in truth - Brody was my first real influence in graphic design. I …

9th September 2013

Stephen Ledwidge

The Education of an Illustrator Edited by Steven Heller and Marshall Arisman. I discovered …

Events 9th September 2013

Kate Brangan

The Extraordinary Work of Ordinary Writing: Annie Ray's Diary by Jennifer Sinor …

4th September 2013

David Joyce

We're starting a new feature where we're asking designers to pick one book (about design or not) that has had an impact/inspiration on the way they design/work. We've started by asking a few friends but the series is open to any of our members…

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