Beyond the Pale

The purpose of 100 Archive is to discuss contemporary visual communication from the Irish design community and to present it in all its varied forms: its ever-widening variety of outputs, its diverse client contexts and its origins all over Ireland and in studios all over the world. But in reality, even at the best of times we can be pretty Dublin-centric… With this in mind we bring you Beyond the Pale, a series of interviews with designers and studios based in a variety of locations around Ireland. 

Of course there is a significant number of studios and practitioners in the capital city, but design doesn’t just happen in Dublin and we’re keen to hear from those setting up shop in Ireland’s other villages, towns and cities. While we could never tell the story of Irish design without considering the work made in the capital, it is a real mark of a growing design culture in Ireland that designers can work from and in other places in the country, collaborate with local government, businesses and arts organisations and contribute to commercial and creative life in locations from Limerick to Belfast, the wild west to the sunny south east, the midlands and more.

We hope the series begins to get under the skin of design scenes around the country and reveal the creative individuals, studios and communities powering them. Sure, a design sector can thrive in a capital city: it’s when the local neighbourhood studio has a steady stream of work that you know clients and consumers understand the value of design. We often refer to the work of 100 Archive as ‘mapping the landscape’ of Irish design. When we see these further flung parts of the landscape appear in the snapshot, it makes for a pretty picture indeed.

7th September 2018

Liveable Limerick
Conor Buckley

‘The idea of setting up a studio began in Dublin 5 years ago, however we moved to Limerick to realise the plan. Limerick is an affordable place to be, so in the early days we could take more risks, take on the kind of work we wanted to do and turn …

27th August 2018

Beyond the Border
Alex Synge

‘What made me decide to set up shop in Belfast? Love! My wife is from Antrim. We met in college in Dublin, but only started going out a decade later. We did the long distance thing for a few years, but after a while, it felt like a logical next step …

20th August 2018

It's Always Sunny...
Brian Byrne

‘When I graduated from Waterford IT in 1999 I wanted to travel. Like so many others, I went to South East Asia and on to Australia. I picked up my first ‘design’ job in Sydney. The newspaper ad stated that a ‘City Centre Agency&rsquo…

10th August 2018

Free Range at Design Farm
Maria ORourke

‘I feel strongly that workplaces need to offer more flexibility; working to the beat of the 9-to-5 clock isn’t always conducive to being creative. We need to be more imaginative and allow people to work where they are most productive, be that …

1st August 2018

Loving Laois
Gillian Reidy

Though she was born and trained in Dublin, when Gill Reidy fell for a farmer, she moved to Laois in 1999, and now runs her studio, Penhouse, from a set of converted stone farm buildings near Stradbally. While working …

25th July 2018

Graphics in Galway
Niall Warde

Niall Warde is a freelance designer who is from Galway, living in Galway and quick to tell you what’s what in Galway. ‘We have the arts festival every year, the Film Fleadh, the Jazz Festival and almost every kind of festival or event imaginable…

23rd July 2018

Designing in Donegal
Daniel ODonoghue

‘When initially considering a complete relocation from the metropolis that is London to the north west of Ireland we had many reservations: will we be out of sight and out of mind? Will our London clients come with us? Are we too far away from Dublin…

20th July 2018

Way Out West
Cillian Ó Mongáin

‘When I moved here first I worked with a 56kb dial-up modem. I used to burn my work to CDs and give them to the CIE bus driver who would give it to a courier in Dublin. But it worked!’ Cillian Ó Mong&…

18th July 2018

The Bammedia Balance
Bridget Kerrigan

‘I’m a Galway native, but studied design in Letterkenny, Donegal. My career started working in a printing firm in Galway and from there I moved to Dublin where I worked in many printers, publishing houses and design studios before moving to …

16th July 2018

Hurrah Hurrah for Cork
Robin Foley

Our new Beyond the Pale series aims to shed light on design practice outside Dublin and get under the skin of the many design communities we have around Ireland. First up is a chat with Hurrah Hurrah, a …

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