22nd October 2014

Branding for TV
Scott Burnett

RTE 2's recent rebrand, carried out in the UK, seems to have provoked the ire of many Irish designers. While some of the anger is reserved for the quality of the output, much of it is in response to the fact that the work was commissioned outside …

30th September 2014

A Year at Fabrica
Fiona OLeary

Fabrica. Image by Francesco Radino Towards the end of his book 'Design in the Real World', Victor Papanek describes the ideal design research centre…

26th August 2014

Designing for Big Blue: My Story So Far
Lara Hanlon

Austin, Texas — home to finger lickin’ BBQ, killer mosquitoes, sweaty summers, and IBM Design. It is here in Austin that I find myself among 70+ design graduates from around the world — from …

Record 19th August 2014

CODE Magazine – Issues 3 and 4
Eamon Spelman

Design, music and culture have always been inextricably linked. The growing dance culture in Ireland in the late 1980s and early '90s gave many young designers the opportunity to create work in areas of direct interest to them, producing posters…

5th February 2014

Bob Gray

Tweets, whether you’re commenting on a political event, gushing over your latest flight of fancy, promoting a piece of work, seeking advice or recommending a book, they’re good fun. A few characters sent into the world aimed at anybody who will …

News 14th August 2013

Good Design is All Around Us
Scott Burnett

On a daily basis, I see loads of work – posters, logos, shopfronts, websites, films, publications, apps, ideas, ads – that make me twinge with jealousy and then think ‘Who did that?’. It’s one of the main reasons we started …

Events 28th February 2013

The Art of Story
Kathryn Wilson

Top Image: Unthink & Slater Design We …

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