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To help us gather information, stories and suggestions of what we should be considering for 100 Past we're asking you, the community to share your thoughts. Is there a logo you always loved? A road sign? A social-services form or a magazine? Or a scene or moment in time that you think the design captured or defined?

29th July 2014

NCAD Prospectus
Joe Coll

When the 100 Archive team tweeted ‘what do you think should go in the archive?’, I asked myself what’s the earliest piece of design I can remember having an effect on me? Monaghan Champion Milk stickers (featuring Barry McGuigan) aside, I …

26th February 2014

Caoga Pingin
Martin Fanning

It has been twelve years since my nomination for the archive was last in circulation. January 1st 2002 was the death knoll for the Punt and for the uniquely Irish design of its coins. In particular, the coins’ reverse side, (the Harp icon being on the…

18th February 2014

National Museum of Ireland Logo
Adam Gallacher

Before I start I must ask your forgiveness, in short I cannot write, I do not understand grammar, or tense, my spelling is erratic and I often lack focus, so with that out of the way I’ll begin my rambling dirge, stroke homage. When I was…

Insight 5th February 2014

Bob Gray

Tweets, whether you’re commenting on a political event, gushing over your latest flight of fancy, promoting a piece of work, seeking advice or recommending a book, they’re good fun. A few characters sent into the world aimed at anybody who will …

30th January 2014

Scott Burnett

Scott Burnett of Aad kicks off the series with some dewey eyed nostalgia for the days when Dublin's club flyers were ink, not pixels. I moved to Dublin from London in October 1998. I wouldn't quite say that I moved here because the flyers …

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