Monthly Picks

The Monthly Picks is a collection of interesting things to do, see and experience over a given month. Each month we ask our friends across the creative industries to gather a bunch of things that they will be getting up to and share it with the community.  

1st August 2020

Evan McGuinness' August Picks
100 Archive Team

Deviating slightly from the usual monthly picks offering, we called on our Oslo-based friend Evan McGuinness to put together a few things he’s been finding helpful in these strange and uncertain times. Given what has been happening in the world as of …

2nd April 2020

Revert's April Picks
Trevor Finnegan

It's a pretty strange time for everyone out there and making a list of things to do and see might be a little bit trivial. That said, our friends at Revert gave it a shot, and hopefully it can help us get through the long days at home be it&…

31st January 2020

Greenhouse's February Picks
David Walsh

February's picks have been selected by the folks residing in Greenhouse, both in Dublin and in Cork. So you're covered no matter which capital you find yourself in... THINGS TO DO Chester Beaty Annual Lecture…

9th January 2020

Brennan & Steven's January Picks
Clare Brennan

It's January, but if you're fighting the urge to hibernate our friends at Brennan & Stevens have your back! They've compiled 15 things to read, watch see, visit and taste, especially is you fancy a jaunt around Wicklow or south Dublin, so …

16th July 2019

Piquant's July Picks
Conor Buckley

This month's picks come from Limerick's finest, Piquant, and were compiled with a fair amount of contention and division. They got there in the end, though... EVENTS  …

7th June 2019

Nugno's June Picks
Luca Amoriello

From 2 Italians living in Dublin these are our recommendations for June 2019 :) PODCASTS Behance: Adobe live Adobe Live is where you can tune in to get all your creative …

3rd May 2019

Pixelpod's May Picks
Yvonne Rath

Hailing from Wexford, the folks over at Pixelpod give us their reccomendations of the top things to do this May. Now that we're on the brink of summer, we'll definitely be making a trip to check out these local reccomendations! …

4th April 2019

Detail's April Picks
100 Archive Team

Now that we're in the midst of spring the summer excitement is starting to creep up on us, so we asked our good friends over at Detail Design Studio for their top picks to keep us entertained this month. They've compiled a …

28th February 2019

Alex Synge's March picks
Alex Synge

Dublin born and Belfast based designer Alex Synge takes us through the best things to attend, watch, read and listen to this March and he's aiming to keep things balanced."Given that I'm from Dublin but live in Belfast and that March is (…

7th February 2019

Red Dog's February Picks
Catherine Robertson

January was a prolonged exercise in gloomy hibernation but, just like wood frogs crawling out from under a rock and defrosting their cold hearts, the Red Dog gang are back in the high life and  ready to fill our heads with as …

3rd December 2018

Bold's December picks
Leon Butler

Our December picks straddle the Shannon with things to do in Dublin, Galway, Sligo and Clare, courtesy of Bold's Leon Butler. No excuses not to get out and do something this month. Here we go: The 126 Gallery in Galway has it&rsquo…

4th October 2018

Hurrah Hurrah's October picks
Robin Foley

Lots happening in Cork in October. As well as the Cork Jazz Festival and Folk, below are the good folks at Hurrah Hurrah's picks for the month: Alice Maher - …

12th September 2018

Unthink's September picks
Noelle Cooper

Back to school time always seems to herald a HEAP of things to see and do. As such, the good folks at Unthink have rounded up a veritable tonne of recommendations for you to get through this month. Let's get going... EXHIBITIONS…

3rd August 2018

ODDesign's August picks
Daniel ODonoghue

Situated in the North West but with an eye on (seemingly) everything happening everywhere, ODDesign provides the picks for August. For things to listen to, visit, enjoy and discover all over Ireland and beyond, read on... FESTIVALS…

10th July 2018

Red&Grey's July picks
Deirdre Rawle

When we asked Red&Grey for recommendations for things to do in July, they suggested 'ice cream, short shorts and a bag of cans'. The tips didn't really need any improving, but nevertheless they came back with a host of other things in case …

8th June 2018

Chapter's June picks
Deirdre Corcoran

This month's picks focus in on the second city, thanks to a ream of recommendations from Cork's own Chapter. Chapter submitted work to the 100 Archive for the first time last year and have already managed two selections in the 2017 Archive! They …

11th May 2018

Design Factory's May picks
Conor Clarke

This month's picks come courtesy of Design Factory, where the team has found 55 things for you to visit, see, do, read, watch and listen to and one big fat reminder for you to VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! on Friday 25 May. Let's get listing... …

6th April 2018

Grandson's April Picks
Killian Walsh

This month's cultural picks come courtesy of Dundalk's finest, Grandson. Killian and Jake have combed through events, exhibitions, tunes and more so that as the evenings get longer…

13th March 2018

aad's March picks
Scott Burnett

This month aad are [slow] out of the blocks to share some of the things they’re excited to Do, See, Hear and generally waste time on this month.    EVENTS …

1st February 2018

CI Studio's February Picks
Mel ORourke

Now that we've all had a month to hibernate it's high time we start getting out and about again, right? With this in mind we at CI Studio have compiled what we're looking forward to seeing and doing this month, along with sharing what …

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