20th July 2015

Visual Design is Dead. Long Live Visual Design.
Paul Woods

Introduction What is the role of the visual designer of tomorrow? In a world where screens no larger than a postage stamp live on the wrists of their users, the canvas for visual …

14th January 2015

The New Logo: Branding Through Interaction
Paul Woods

As a student, I hated brand guidelines. In my eyes they represented a rigid set of rules that I, like every other over-eager design student who thinks they know better, was eager to break. In particular, weighty, 200 page PDF style guides seemed to me like …

10th September 2014

The Shape of the World
Max Phillips

When I was 19 and studying art in Ithaca, New York, I rented an apartment with two friends on a short, looping side street called Highland Place. They were on the first floor, and I was upstairs under the roof. My room made a big impression on me. It was an…

3rd December 2013

Unsolicited Aggravation
James Kelleher

It's easy to get lost in Pontin's at night. A couple of weeks back, I was in the Sussex holiday camp – Bobby Davro's spiritual birthplace – to see a bunch of bands play at …

25th February 2013

The State We're In
David Smith

In early 2011, I was asked to submit work for inclusion in One by One, Graphic Designers of the World Today, a global atlas of graphic design published by Hesign International (the publishing imprint of…

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