21st December 2017

Eamon Spelman

Most design agencies are formed through a college friendship or working relationship but, for Charlie O’Neill and Jole Bortoli, it was encountering each other's posters on the streets of Dublin that gave them the idea to join forces and …

5th July 2017

Tony O'Hanlon - Part Two
Eamon Spelman

In the second of two articles (read part one here), Eamon Spelman speaks to Tony O'Hanlon about the opportunities and challenges working for the European Design Group (Digital), his …

22nd June 2017

Tony O'Hanlon - Part One
Eamon Spelman

There are few Irish designers who have had as deep and lasting an impact on the Irish graphic design landscape as Tony O’Hanlon, a designer whose influence and esteem goes far beyond these shores. In the first of a two part piece, he talks to …

23rd August 2016

Kevin Finn – Design Practice
Eamon Spelman

It’s fairly common practice for design graduates to leave Irish shores and gain experience abroad, only to return home a few years later to benefit the industry here. Some, however, decide to stay and make their career in their adopted country…

15th March 2016

Stephen Averill – U2
Eamon Spelman

There are a handful of designers who have a longstanding relationship or association with one organisation or group. Vignelli’s work for Knoll or Peter Saville and New Order usually come to mind but Stephen Averill’s work for U2 spans nearly…

18th January 2016

Alan Aboud — Design Practice
Eamon Spelman

For the last 25 years, Alan Aboud has worked extensively with innovative fashion, beauty, fragrance and lifestyle brands, including Paul Smith, Zara, Levi's, H&M, River Island and Neal's Yard Remedies. Last month, Eamon Spelman talked to him …

10th December 2015

Alan Aboud – Paul Smith
Eamon Spelman

“A very generous man with his time” is how Alan Aboud describes his client, the fashion designer, Paul Smith. Their working relationship started after Alan graduated …

20th January 2015

Makullas — Niall Sweeney
Eamon Spelman

Walking around Dublin today, with its countless clothes shops filled with specially selected pieces, it is almost impossible to imagine (or remember, as the case may be) that 25 years ago, the fashion retail landscape of the city was very different. …

7th November 2014

Remembering Richard
Tony OHanlon

As part of the ongoing process of developing content for 100 Past we have made contact with many people who have made a significant contributing to Irish visual communications. Tony O’Hanlon is one of these people. …

19th August 2014

CODE Magazine – Issues 3 and 4
Eamon Spelman

Design, music and culture have always been inextricably linked. The growing dance culture in Ireland in the late 1980s and early '90s gave many young designers the opportunity to create work in areas of direct interest to them, producing posters…

13th August 2014

Lead & Old Wood — Max Kisman
David Smith

As a student in the early 1990s I was greatly taken with the FUSE publishing project and its expressed intent on testing the boundaries of digital design and digital typography. Amongst those early FUSE designers who piqued my attention …

17th November 2013

A Swiss Designer in Ireland
Lorenzo Tonti

My experience of design in Ireland is impossible to analyse without considering my background. One and the other are inextricably linked as one formed my views of the other, and both influenced my career as a designer over the past 30 years. …

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