Inspiration Chain

4th March 2013

Inspiration Chain 4/4
Scott Burnett

We’d like to thank team offset for having us as guest contributors last week. It’s not goodbye, though, just see you later as we’ll be launching our new site over OFFSET weekend &…

News 1st March 2013

Inspiration Chain 3/4
Scott Burnett

It’s the penultimate inspiration chain, where designers pick their peer par excellence! And then that designer picks someone. And so on. You get the idea, right? …

28th February 2013

Inspiration Chain 2/4
Scott Burnett

This is our second OFFSET Inspiration Chain! To start a conversation about the role of inspiration in design we asked four young designers to tell us who among their peers has inspired them with their work. We then asked that …

News 26th February 2013

Inspiration Chain 1/4
Scott Burnett

One of the reasons we’re developing an archive is to capture the connections, and reveal the context of Irish communication design. How can you build on something, or…

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