Thinking Outside The Lunch Box

Events 1st March 2013

Stephen McCarthy
Scott Burnett

Like a lunch break on a busy day, our thinking outside the lunchbox series is over all too quickly. Our last sandwich is a friday hangover classic from …

28th February 2013

Sue Murphy (Ogilvy & Mather)
Scott Burnett

Todays slice of life, art and bread comes all the way from Susan Murphy who is in the home of great sandwiches, NYC. I’ve had a relationship with …

27th February 2013

Simon Roche
Scott Burnett

Another designer talks about his lust for lunch, Simon Roche of Smoke and Mirrors, …

26th February 2013

Simon Sweeney
Scott Burnett

Continuing our series of lunch time designer treats, here’s one from Simon Sweeney, who says: “Ketchup.&…

25th February 2013

Noelle Cooper (Unthink)
Scott Burnett

Some of the posts we’re doing for the the OFFSET blog this week will make you think; this one will make you think about lunch.  We asked some of our favourite designers to …

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