Design is full of opinionated people. It’s not a bad thing, in fact it’s part of the job. Another important part of the job is empathy and being able to see things from different angles. Viewpoints will set out to provide a rounder understanding of some of the most contentious and divisive subjects of the day by collecting multiple points of view from engaged and informed designers, curators, writers and educators with something constructive to say. We will pose a different question to these people every month or so to tease out how they feel about a particular issue facing design and designers in Ireland. Their responses are unlikely to be uniform, and their viewpoints won’t be definitive, but that’s exactly the point. We’re bombarded with impassioned opinions on a daily basis and it can be easy to take them at face value. But sometimes it takes more than 140 characters to get to the heart of something, and sometimes it’s important to take the time to pull things apart and look at them from all angles to get a better sense of how they work.

If you’ve any subjects you’d like to see us tackle, or if you’d like to offer a viewpoint on something in particular, drop us a line.

13th April 2018

Viewpoints: Mel O'Rourke
Mel ORourke

This season's Viewpoints has been taking a look at design thinking and asking what it is, who it's for and whether it's doing any good or not. First up was design thinking advocate and IBMer …

11th April 2018

Viewpoints: James Delaney
James Delaney

Next up to consider design thinking is James Delaney. James designs and builds stuff for the internet (including aspects of this site), as well as making forays into the worlds of critical speculative design and design research. Following on from his …

9th April 2018

Viewpoints: Lara Hanlon
Lara Hanlon

Fresh from three days of discussion at OFFSET, we have another topic to illicit viewpoints on here at the 100: what is design thinking, who is it for and is it any use? What some say designers have been doing since the industry began, others herald as a new…

4th August 2017

Viewpoints: Jane Gleeson
Jane Gleeson

So far we have had two interesting perspectives on how to bring about gender equality in design. First off, Kim Mackenzie-Doyle introduced some of the work she is undertaking at …

3rd August 2017

Viewpoints: Tadhg Murray
Tadhg Murray

Yesterday we heard from Kim Mackenzie-Doyle about her plans to tackle gender inequality through her IDI Presidency. Next we hear from someone at the other end of the scale, recent NCAD Visual Communication graduate Tadhg Murray. In his final year of …

2nd August 2017

Viewpoints: Kim Mackenzie-Doyle
Kim Mackenzie-Doyle

It is safe to say that in recent years we have seen a significant resurgance in support for women's rights and gender equality. A sense of 'enough is enough' has led to movements such as #…

13th April 2017

Viewpoints: Simon Sweeney
Simon Sweeney

This time round we've been gathering some viewpoints about the dreaded world of design criticism. First up, Jarrett Fuller called for a wide range of voices to contribute to a …

12th April 2017

Viewpoints: Anna Kealey
Anna Kealey

This time round Viewpoints has taken a look at design criticism, with designer, writer and host of Scratching the Surface Jarrett Fuller advocating for a broad range of voices to …

11th April 2017

Viewpoints: Jarrett Fuller
Jarrett Fuller

So far Viewpoints has offered up opinions on how design is or should be represented by professional organisations and whether design awards are effective in their aims. This time we've asked for thoughts on the C-word: criticism. Here in Ireland we don…

23rd February 2017

Viewpoints: Oran Day
Oran Day

In our latest series of Viewpoints, we've been asking people about design awards. First up, architect and IDI president George Boyle discussed the variety of criteria that …

22nd February 2017

Viewpoints: Seán Mongey
Seán Mongey

Next up to consider the current state and future potential of design awards is Seán Mongey. Seán graduated NCAD's Visual Communication programme in 2008 and spent a number of years balancing work in various Dublin studios with …

21st February 2017

Viewpoints: George Boyle
George Boyle

Designers are an opinionated bunch, and we happen to think that's a good thing! In order to get to the heart of some of the issues facing design today, and to hear some more of those opinions we've started Viewpoints, a series that poses a question …

22nd December 2016

Representing Design
Nathalie Weadick

For our first series of Viewpoints we've asked a number of people to consider how design in represented in Ireland. First up we had thoughts from Kathryn Wilson, creative director…

19th December 2016

Representing Design
Scott Burnett

Here at the 100 we're interested in looking at issues facing the design community from a number of angles. Right now we're taking a look at how and why the design industry is represented. First up, …

15th December 2016

Representing Design
Kathryn Wilson

Here at the 100 we're interested in opinions, and not just our own. There are a great many issues, challenges and opportunities facing design in Ireland and Irish designers at home and around the world, and we want to hear and share more about them. One…

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