Viewpoints 2020 — Studio

With students poised to return to college in the coming weeks we pick up on points raised in the last Viewpoints series around adapting to new realities, working from home and considering whether a physical studio space is necessary at all. We will hear from three art and design practitioners/educators on their thoughts on the studio as a space to think, work and learn. First up is artist and educator Mary A Fitzgerald who tells us about being exiled from the normal working experience, working from her kitchen table and making it work for her. Chloe Brennan talks about the need for creativity and supports for art and design practice in these challenging times and hot on the heels of the wonderful ‘Chit Chat's’, Bob Gray lets us in on a conversation discussing the merits of the studio and the fundamental ingredient of play.

24th September 2020

Viewpoints: Studio #3
Bob Gray

I am not a writer. I have no desire to be one. This is not a heavily researched or referenced article. This is a story. It is a short conversation about the idea of a studio, its purpose, how it lives and adapts. The conversation happened outside …

23rd September 2020

Viewpoints: Studio #2
Chloe Brenan

Like many, over the past months I’ve been reflecting on the dominant myths around work, labour, and essential services. The conditions of lockdown for me have thrown into sharp relief the significance of artworks not as frivolous objects of privilege…

22nd September 2020

Viewpoints: Studio #1
Mary A Fitzgerald

The idea of studio. When first invited to write a piece considering the idea of a ‘studio’, I can divide the piece into two distinct set of thoughts.  Before lockdown and the present, the new normal. Rewind to March 10th …

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